The Flash Review: Secrets & Truths


The Flash’s first (of hopefully plenty) mid-season finals aired and “The Man in the Yellow Suit” took some stories to an abnormally high level, while other stories felt underwhelming and a bit forced.

So lets start with the story that was shocking, intriguing and really well explored, The Man in the Yellow Suit! And to all of our surprise or not, it’s no other than dr Harison Wells. Should we be surprised that the man who lied, tricked and deceived throughout the first couple of episodes is the big bad who destroyed Barry’s life? Not really! But it was predictable and Tv viewers are not that familiar with predictable! But what is wrong with predictable if it’s done great like The Flash does it.

A weird robbery occured at Mercury, a Central City company, and when a witness said that a blur was involved Barry and Joe jumped right to the Yellow Blur that killed Nora Allen and threatened Jow he’ll kill Iris if he continues to look into Nora Allen’s case while Eddie was stuck on the Flash and his task force.

Things quickly escalated when the Yellow Blur faced Barry and kicked his ass, and it hurt MAJOR!!!! Besides Barry’s body his ego endured the bigger hit. The way Yellow Blur defeated Barry was humiliating and the first time Barry was upperhanded so easily. Team Flash than moved forward with a plan to capture Yellow Blur and a way to lure and capture him at STAR labs.

This plan included borrowing the Taychon technology the Yellow Blur wanted to steal from Mercury. After a little cat and mouse game with Tina McGee, Team Flash + Joe and Eddie set up a trap for YB and Joe and Wells decided to not involve Barry in the plan. A heartbroken Barry went to visit his father and the most emotional scene on The Flash till date happened right in front of our eyes. John Wesley Shipp and Grant Gustin made my eyes tear up and I don’t have words to describe it. Papa Allen finally took a huge burden of Barry’s back. Since the day Nora died, Barry lost himself in the investigations, pressure, expectations and lost his life in the process.

Meanwhile things at STAR labs escalated and the Yellow Blur started to beat up Wells. An really odd moment when you think about the reveal at the end of the episode. Barry stepped in but still wasn’t able to put up a fair fight but had luck that Firestorm had his back and scared the YB away. But a bit later on Firestorm.

The episode ended with Team Flash minus Wells celebrating Christmas at the West’s. At the party Cisco revealed that he assumes that there were 2 Blures at the night of Nora Allen’s death. Meanwhile at STAR labs Wells entered into a secret chamber of his secret chamber, where the Yellow Blur suit was hidden. At the end he even mimiced the voice of the Blur indicating Wells is our primary antagonist.

The episode followed two other stories and I’m not happy how they went down. First off after Barry gifted Iris with a ring Eddie Thawne wasn’t happy and jealously rushed his Christmas gift and asked Iris to move in with him. She accepted but along the way he plucked the Barry in love idea into Iris head and it started bugging her. She even called up Barry on it but he wasn’t ready to confess his feelings to Iris. But that quickly changed after Barry’s talk to Henry! Barry knew he couldn’t let it go anymore and he needed to start to life life. Barry’s confession made both Iris and Barry tear up and things won’t ever be the same between them. The story just didn’t felt right! It was emotional, heartfelt but didn’t feel right at all. Maybe I expected a bigger blow out, but maybe the writers will deliver it later this season.

The 3rd story of the night involved Caitlin and her Ronnie. I’m completely turned off by the story so far, Robbie Amell’s portrayal of crazy was terrible. I don’t know what Arrow has against their pretty boys but Robbie Amell and Austin Butler shouldn’t wear long hair. Yes Ronnie was the hero of the evening but still wasn’t impressed by his performance.

The Flash delivered some major game changer during their first bunch of episodes. The rest of the season looks really promising as Captain Cold is returning and Heatwave is keeping him company. This mid-season break will be tough cause January 20th is too far away.


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