The Originals Review: Prisoners of Hope


“The Map of Moments”  was a brilliant episode filled with so many game changers that I’m still shaking! The Originals 2nd season mid-season finale was a nice combination of intriguing flashbacks, beautiful Mikaelson family moments, terrifying family moments and heartbreaking decisions.

Tonight’s story picked up right where the previous episode left us hanging. Klaus and Hayley finally reunited with Hope. The moment they reunited was beautiful, simple and anything but over-payed. In the wake of reuniting Rebekah started a bonfire, an old Mikaelson family tradition and the family enjoyed their moments together. Only Klaus grudgy and sarcastic attitude was a buzz killer. But when they had to destroy a family picture, Rebekah couldn’t take it anymore. She was determined to kill Esther and was eager to sacrifice herself in the process.

To trick Esther Klaus and Bekah needed all the help they could get including Davina and Kol. But Kol wouldn’t give in so easily he wanted the crystal Klaus took from him a 100 years ago and it was a deal-breaker.

The scene between Bekah and Esther was so enlightening and the moments Esther started the spell I was aware that Claire Holt as Rebekah Mikaelson was no more. Esther spell conducted with both Bekah and Cami falling unconscious but with only Cami waking up. As a repercussion to get Esther, Bekah spiced Esther’s vine with blood so she would turn Vamp instead of jumping bodies.

Through a serious of flashbacks (+ the awaken miniseries) we saw what happened to Kol Mikaelson back in 1914. He was trying to make a diamond dagger with the help of a Claire witch. But Klaus and Marcel found out about it and cast a spell to lock all witches into a cottage. Bekah later betrayed Kol letting Klaus know his plans of the diamond dagger. As a payback Kol conducted Esther’s spell till the end and moved Bekah’s soul into the body of a witch trapped in the cottage. Yep we get to keep Rebekah Mikaelson in the show but not in form of Claire Holt! Instead she will be played by Maisie Richardson-Sellers as a witchy Rebekah.

Also Kol and Davina gave into their passion and finally shared a couple of kisses. These two will be a dangerous combination and think the diamond dagger could be used as a season final cliffhanger closing moment.

Hot and steamy it got between Hayley and Elijah as well. After Klaus and Bekah left to destroy Esther, Hayley confessed Elijah she is going to marry Jackson so her people would stand by her side. Of course all of this so Hope would be safe and she didn’t love Jackson at all. Elijah was the most understanding Original ever and encouraged Hayley to protect her daughter. But I think the hot sex is what convinced her to marry Jackson. I missed my Haylijah moments this season and the sex scene made up for all of them. This will be an interesting story to follow-up when the show returns.

Last but not least there is Finn aka Finncent. He got freed by Mikael who made a pack with Esther. She’ll get Bekah and Elijah while he gets the pleasure of killing Klaus. But before getting released he shared an intense scene with Cami. Yeah Finn is completely mad but he is driven and I like it. Yusuf Gatewood does such a great job by tackling the character, Original Finn was bland uninteresting, pushed around but this guy Finncent is major kickas*.

The Originals delivered one of their best episodes this season and set up some major storylines for the second half of the season. With the looming appearance of Dahlia and Freya and with no one there to take care of Hope things will get seriously out of control.


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