Once Upon A Time Review: Shattered Minds, Traumatic sight


Watching this episode and seeing how the OUAT executives tried to redeem Ingrid made me so so MAD! Why go this path? Ingrid was a clear nut job and she deserved to die that way. Punished for all the bad things she did. People have the choice do good or do bad!!! Ingrid choose to use her powers for the bad side and she should’ve been punished. Not everyone can be redeemed. Still OUAT’s penultimate 2014 episode was a combination of funny scenes, heartbreaking flashbacks and once more an underwhelming villainous resolution.

Let’s start with the flashbacks! We finally found out what happened when Emma met Ingrid for the first time in Ingrid’s foster house. Ingrid and Emma had a really amazing and strong bond growing between each other and I fairly enjoyed their scenes. Everything seemed great between them Ingrid even prepared the papers to adopt Emma.

But things went sideways when Ingrid noticed Emma’s powers. Yes Emma was magical before and could use her magic outside of Storybrooke but besides Ingrid no one noticed. To win Emma completely over Ingrid wanted to push needed to traumatize her and awaken her powers completely. It didn’t work and Emma run away from Ingrid. Ingrid later moved to Storybrooke and met Emma back in 2011 the OUAT tale started.

Emma reacted abruptly towards Ingrid’s talk about not aging, magic and stuff and Ingrid took her memories. So why didn’t Ingrid age? Henry is aging, why wouldn’t she? But besides that loop hole the flashbacks were handled perfectly and kudos to both Abby Ross and Elizabeth Mitchell for their performances.

But Elizabeth Mitchell didn’t stop there she delivered in the present time story probably even more than in the flashbacks. The present time story started with Anna sharing the solution to the shattered sight curse, Ingrid’s death. Neither Emma or Elsa were fond of that but if it’s between Ingrid or the whole town they choose The Town. The only problem the ribbons are preventing them from attacking Ingrid. The two blonds than found a way to get rid of them!

If the ribbons are hold together by the love that they had for Ingrid, an equal hate would destroy them. And who hates Emma more than anyone? The Evil Queen.

Luckily the shattered sight course brought out the worst in Regina and with a little push from Emma and Elsa Regina attack them destroying the ribbons. Afterwards Emma and Elsa tried to destroy Ingrid but didn’t had the real guts to attack her. Luckily the amazing Anna stumbled upon their resolution, the letter from their mother written back on the ship.

The letter contained a heart-felt confession to their daughters about Ingrid and Helga, how much she regrets locking up her sister and that she never should’ve tried to strip Elsa from her powers! This brought up so many emotions and Ingrid imploded. The guilt she started to feel overwhelmed her and she killed herself. Before destroying herself she returned Emma and Elsa their memories. The girls told her they would find another way but she got the thing she always wanted THE LOVE OF HER SISTER! Elizabeth Mitchell nailed it and it was amazing how much she believed the words she was saying.

But! There is always a but! The show has repeating patterns with no real consequences and with the good guys winning to easily. Last season Neal paid the price for giving the show a bit of edge, and next week its told someone else will die! But is that enough? Not for me. I love the show but I need the show to raise the stakes and surprise in a way that doesn’t involve someones family tree.

Elsewhere in Storybrooke, we enjoyed some funny and quite entertaining moments between the residents who were infected by the course. Regina embraced her dark-self quite easily searched for Emma for quite some time, before meeting Snow, Charming, Anna and Kristof at the police station. She swooped Anna and Kristof away to where they came from aka the beach where Anna found the bottle message and started to conduct her long waited revenge out on Snow.

The two alpha women started a sword fight and it was brilliant. Their really weren’t saving anything and gave all of them. Besides that we witnessed a really intriguing moment between Anna and Snow, where Snow confessed she wasn’t that innocent and that she didn’t regret killing Cora. Even though she was effected by the course I was surprised that she was so cold-hearted in regards toward Cora’s death. I mean Snow did the right thing back in the day but Cora becoming the Dark one would be terrible but I wasn’t expecting that.

Other funny moments caused by the spell were happening between Hook and Henry. It seems like Henry wasn’t that fond of Hook dating Emma and he wouldn’t trust to follow him. So Henry tricked Hook and made him slip on some marbles. Moments later Hook had to face Will Scarlet who was pissed at Hook for their meeting back in “The Apprentice”. But an enraged Will was an easy target for Hook and was taken out easily.

Hook was searching for Henry on Gold’s behalf. He found a way to exit Stroybrooke still while it was under the course and needed from Hook to get Henry for him while he packs. After reuniting with Golf after being unsuccssusful, Hook just asked Gold to not harm the Storybrooke residents. Gold agreed but he couldn’t promise that for the rest of the world.

The episode ended with Gold leaving Hook behind with a smirk on his face, looking forward to the mayhem he will create. I sincerely hope that Hook will finally step up next week and confess his sins, while the rest of Storybrooke says goodbye to Elsa, Anna and Kristoff and we welcome Cruella, Maleficent and Ursula to the city in next weeks mid-season finale.



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