The Vampire Diaries Review: Deal with a Devil


“I Alone” wasn’t on par with the last 3 extraordinary episodes of the Vampire Diaries, but the ninth episode of season 6 was still a good episode. Somehow I missed the edge the previous episodes had but still was entertained enough to look forward to the mid-season final next week.

Kai finally entered our world, or better said our timeline and started trouble right away. He wasn’t only kick ass he was mean and unbearably hilarious. Kai took a cab ride to the bar Liv was working at and probably the best cab ride in TV history. Kai’s remarks toward skinny jeans, airport security and him being chatty were right of hilarious. Kai wasn’t just there for the comedic part, he was still a psycho and killed the cab driver right away.

Kai’s next stop Liv. Kai had his powers and stole a bit of Liv’s during their encounter. Liv had a lot of luck that Tyler was stalking her and rescued his girlfriend. I liked Liv so so much, that I completely hated them paring her with Tyler. But Liv made his character so much more interesting and I started liking Tyler again just like when he dated Caroline from 2B to season 3,

The only issue Liv had to pull out Damon and Elena from the prison limbo earlier. Yes Liv sent Damon and Elena to the limbo with her blood so she could pull them and Bonnie back to our world.

But things weren’t that easy. Damon compelled Alaric to steal the Ascendant from Jo and that created a lot of issues along the way. But later on that. The Delena chemistry was quite not so annoying this week and even their fight seemed quite reasonable. When they arrived in Limbo they paged Kai’ and were pleasantly surprised Bonnie answered the call. Bonnie hijacked a car and was about 6 hours away from Mystic falls just an hour before Liv should pull them out. But Delena didn’t know Kai happened and enjoyed the time instead of rushing towards Bonnie. I mean seriously! If I was Delena I would rush towards Bonnie and prevent possible interference.

But for the Delena part of the story was more important what happened when Elena found out that Damon tricked Alaric into stealing the Ascendant. She was so furious and rushed away towards her house. Elena’s rage was understandable cause she only knew the I do what I want Damon.

Than of course Damon ran after Elena and explained her why Bonnie meant so much to him and that she is the only reason he survived Limbo. Elena and Damon bonded on the porch of the Gilbert home and made a step towards reconciliation when Liv pulled them back.

Later Kai appeared and attacked Delena and destroyed the ascendent in the process. The battle ended with Kai entering Mystic Falls and Elena once more breaking Jeremy’s heart.

While Caroline was away, Stefan was reuniting with Matt and Sarah. Sarah introduced herself as Sarah Salvatore and Stefan’s facial expression was telling everything. Stefan knew Sarah was faking it but was playing along for a couple of moments. Stefan told Sarah he knew the real Sarah was at Duke cause he took care of herself. Sarah than revealed herself as as Monique, Sarah’s childhood friend. For her protection Stefan compelled her and sent away.

Enzo wouldn’t leave it that way and blackmailed Stefan into telling him the truth. Stefan wouldn’t give the information about Sarah up. Enzo killed Sarah-Monique and pushed Matt over the edge. He called up Jer and is on his path to kill Enzo.

The episode concluded with Alaric punching Damon for betraying him, Bonnie reaching the empty porch and falling apart and Kai attacking Tyler in the Lockwood mention and proposing a deal to him. So next week should be more than explosive with Kai going after Jo, Bonnie remembering happier Christmas times and Stefan delivering a heartbreaking news to Caroline


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