Quick Recap: The 100 2×06


– After the brilliant last episode, “Fog of War” had a tough job to follow-up. The intensity did fall but The 100 still delivered an episode that will push the story further along.

– At camp Jaha Clarke and Bellamy started to conduct a plan to rescue the other 47 still at Mount Weather. They convinced Abby they need to destroy the MW communicators that could possible interefeer with their signal and signals from other stations. Abbey agreed to allow a mission but only if she joins the search party.

– The search party went completely wrong of course as Bellamy and Octavia went rogue to find an entrance to MW. But an acid fog forces them to find shelter, and thanks to Octavia they found an garage shelter. There they were confronted by a bunch of Reapers, including LINCOLN. Yes the star crossed lovers meet again and it wasn’t pretty.

– Clarke and Finn meanwhile escaped the acid fog in a save station. The awkwardness was eating up the air as Clarke wasn’t seeing the same boy she fell for. Eventually they found some common ground and inched closer together.

– Raven and Abby meanwhile found a frequency to spy on the MW people and realized they send the acid fog intentionally. They decided its more important to listen to the MW people instead of chasing dead leads.

– Jasper meanwhile was recruited by Dante to found volunteers to heal the inmates from their radiation weakness. After Jasper’s failed attempt, Maya comes to him and Monty and confesses what the MW people are doing to the grounders and what they intend to do to him.

– Jasper and Monty set up a counter plan by infiltrating the medical station and starting a counter plan.

– I like that Dante is portrayed semi-evil, while his son and the doc are pure evil. It gives more edge to the characters and makes their faith unclear.

– Jaha and Kane were meanwhile played by the Grounders that captured them. First they told them they need to find each other and that only one of them could survive. They didn’t knew that was a trap intended just for the female Commander to spy on them.

– The commander told them to beat up Jaha and sent a message to the sky people. Blood must be shed for the lost of their people. In the closing moments of the episode Jaha reunited with his people.


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