Arrow Review: What U thought me?


“The Brave and the Bold” is what you get when a Flash hits Star city. The 2nd part of the Flarrow crossover event wasn’t on par with the Flash part of the crossover. That doesn’t mean it was a bad episode just got an overall different vibe and had a different focus.

This episode dig deeper into the relationship between Oliver and Barry and at the end of the day made them both better heroes. Tuesday’s failed hunt after Digger Harkness aka Captain Boomerang continued last night and soon a connection between Boomerang and ARGUS was established. Boomerang was a member of the Suicide Squad but after a failed mission he escaped and started tracking down ARGUS people.

Things got quite intense when Barry witnessed Oliver torturing a guy for information. The friends started arguing and Barry hit Oliver on quite the sensitive places. Oliver’s reasons for being ruthless weren’t completely justified and Barry wouldn’t look over them. Things escalated when Captain Boomerang traced back to the location of the phone Oliver got while torturing. That lead Boomerang to the Arrow cave where Felicity, Caitlin and Lyla were hiding.

Lyla got boomerang-ed during the confrontation and was barely saved by Barry speedy intervention. The guilt was eating up Oliver and thankfully Barry was there to pick up the pieces.

Oliver opened up! The fight for the greater good was taken away more and more from Oliver Queen and just left The Arrow behind. The way Barry looked into Oliver’s soul and struggle was just perfectly written. He saw that his actions as Arrow could only happen cause of the core Oliver Queen, cause if there wasn’t an Oliver there wouldn’t be The Arrow just the vigilante.

The final confrontation with Boomerang was better than I expected it to be. He had a back up plan where he planted 5 bombs across Starling city, but he couldn’t deactivate one by one they needed to be stopped at the same time. Barry used his speed and brought Caitlin, Cisco, Roy and Felicity to the other bombs and saved the city.

The episode ended with a friendly goodby between the 2 Teams and a final face off between Oliver and Barry. Cause of course everyone wants to know who is the stronger one. The two of them clashed and the final critics rolled over the screen.

This weeks Hong Kong flashbacks included Amanda Waller once again and her training Oliver. She was the one who started to teach Oliver how to torture people. Oliver had to pay a huge price for his inability to torture a bomber, as his bombs killed a bunch of people. Amanda talked some sense into Oliver and he started to realize that things has to be done one way or the other.

The scenes that really made me laugh were the ones including Cisco! Cisco was a delight from the moment he appeared. His interaction with all Team Arrow members was just working so well. His optimisam and believes are just something that gives so much energy to both shows. The scene were Cisco, Caitlin, Felicity and Roy were at the club talking about the stakes their job brings along. It was nice to see C&C realize that and I hope it brings more edge to The Flash.

Laurel, Quentin and Thea had small cameos last night. I really hope that Thea’s story starts to develop cause its underwhelming and quite the disappointment. Laurel meanwhile had a nice line with Oliver as she asked him about The Arrow in Star city. Next week should be strong for Laurel as Dinah is stopping by Star city.

ICYMI Diggle asked Lyla to marry him at the hospital. I really hope they will be happy this time around they certainly deserve it.

ICYMI2 Caitlin took the arrows Sara was killed with back to Central city and will try to get some DNA of them, think the results will be in just in time for next weeks mid-season finale. The promo for next weeks mid-season finale looks more than epic and the upcoming confrontation between Oliver and Ra’s al Ghul should be quite epic.


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