AHS Freak Show Review: Escalating


I think it’s a big understatement when we say that things Escalated in AHS’s latest episode, “Blood Bath”. Things will certainly change in the Freak show camp after this episode, as we lost two fabulous series regulars played by Katie Bates and Frances Conroy.

The clash between Ethel and Elsa was mind-blowing. Ethel accused Elsa of fake crying over little MaPetite. The rage that build up between those two women was extraordinary executed. Ethel couldn’t handle it anymore but I don’t see the background of it except making the story more interesting. It felt random but the words felt so vivid and extreme. The moment Ethel pulled out a gun and shot Elsa’s wooden leg was just WoW!

Elsa’s follow up story to the way she got the wooden leg was just a nice touch to the story. Dr Jeffino gave Elsa her wooden legs and I was pleasantly surprised that Danny Huston aka The Axeman played him. Elsa saw that this was going nowhere and had to take out Ethel before it goes the other way around. She throw a knife and hit Ethel right into her eye. With Stanley and Maggie’s help Elsa portrayed it as a suicide.

I liked how Jessica than overplay her grief showing a distinction between her pain over MaPetite and fake pain over Ethel. Elsa tried to move on and found a new freak for her show a overweight women which needed a family. After a huge fight with Maggie, Jimmy found comfort in her boozum. Quite weird, but the demons hunting Jimmy aren’t backing down.

In rage by what happened to Ethel, Desiree started to channel her emotions towards an evil man. Vince, Penny’s father, was on her take down list. She wanted revenge for what happened to Penny aka Lizard girl. Penny, Desiree, Suzi and Eve started the mission and wanted to brutally take down Vince. He certainly deserved it. Thankfully to Maggie’s appearance they didn’t kill him, but let him know that they owned him.

Back at house Mott things started to complicate between Finn and his mother Gloria. She tricked him into going to a psychiatrist and he saw right through her intentions. But I never saw Finn taking out his mother. So cold, so simple and more than evil, I got the creeps when he laid into his mother’s blood. But Finn has another threat breathing behind his neck, Regina Ross finally reached Jupiter and wanted to see her mother.

American Horror Story rose it’s level to a new level and should be interesting to see how many of our characters will die by season end and what the writers ultimate end game is.


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