The Flash Review: Guys like Us don’t get the girl


But we get to have some great times with you guys. Last night I had high expectations for this Flarrow 2 part crossover event and I have to say “Flash vs The Arrow” was so much more than I expected it to be. This was certainly the best Flash episode after the Pilot and there are so many reasons for it.

I was quite surprised that the first 10 minutes of the episode were Team Arrow free but the moment The Arrow entered the scene, he took completely over. It was quite obvious the shows share writers cause this episode was more of an Arrow episode than a usual The Flash episode. Oliver rescued the day/night when a meta-human ones more went rogue on the city. Bivolo had the ability to wake up hidden rage and make people go gaga. Of course he didn’t think twice and went to rob a bank in Central city. Oliver saved Joe and Barry from a policeman who got affected by Bivolo.

Oliver wasn’t in the mood to stick around and help but after Felicity insisted a bit, he decided to join forces with his friend. To help Barry and improve his skills Oliver arranged a training session with Barry and it wasn’t pretty. Oliver explained Barry he was so negligent and walked unprepared into his battles. To all of our surprise Barry wasn’t handling the critic so well and went on a solo mission when Felicity and Team Flash found out where Bivolo was hiding out. Barry confronted Bivolo and got infected with his rage.

Barry was able to suppress the rage for a moment but eventually the rage started getting to him and he lashed out on Caitlin, Oliver (calling him jealous), and eventually Captain Singh and Joe. This alerted both team Arrow and Flash as Oliver was the only one able to stop The Flash.

Before they found Barry he had to clear some issues out with Eddie. Yes Eddie. After Iris finally convinced him that The Flash is the real deal, he got upset and jealous starting to pledge Singh for a task force against The Flash. Barry found that out and when the rage Bivolo started finally exploded Eddie was the first one on Barry’s list.

But thankfully The Arrow was there to safe Iris and Eddie and an epic confrontation followed, leaving me hanging for more and more. The special effects, the movement, the coordination and every spoken word were brilliant. Oliver gained the upper hand just in time so Joe and Wells could conduct flashlight therapy on Barry and turn him normal. Bivolo’s story, for now at least, concluded with him getting a cell at S.T.A.R. labs.

Overall it was a coherent episode giving Barry something I was wanting for a long time now, HERO development. The Arrow was the perfect choice for teaching Barry a couple of lessons about who he is, what he is doing and who he is destined to be.

Oliver was a total scene stealer throughout the episode. Every time Stephen Amell graced the small screen he was center of attention and Grant is far away from that stage. This episode featured a big Oliver moment as he encountered Sandra Hawke in Central city. ICYMI Sandra was the girl who got pregnant with Oliver back in 2007 and whom Moira paid of. My guess is that Sandra will run to Oliver when some bad guys will go after  her and THEIR son. Yes she didn’t abort. Let’s say somewhere around Arrow Season final!

This episode was big on the whole Iris-Barry-Flash-Eddie square as well. First off it was a nice touch that Iris was fangirling about Oliver and that he was one of the 3 guys she could cheat on Eddie with. But after the scene between Crazy Flash and Eddie, Iris had to choose. And of course she choose Eddie, breaking both Barry and The Flash’s heart. It seems Oliver was right, guys like them don’t get the girl.

A nice and surprising touch to this whole story was Well’s aversion towards The Arrow. He wasn’t fond over Barry liking and looking up to the Arrow at all. Eventually Well’s gave in and accepted Oliver as a hero, but Oliver on the other hand sensed some darkness within Well he didn’t like at all. So if Well’s can see the future why isn’t he fond of Oliver but likes Felicity?

The 2nd most surprising appearance of the night and more important for the Flash story is Ronnie’s appearance in the closing moments of the episode. And hell boy Ronnie is packing major heat, as now his arc as Firestorm starts. Can’t wait for more of Robbie Amell and Caitlin getting more screen time is always a good think. Cause this week Caitlin wasn’t futured as much but delivered extremely well. She and Felicity shared a girly girl scene and where happy to have a girl to talk to! And there was that scene where Barry shut down Caitlin for being overprotective. The way Danielle portrayed Caitlin’s pain was just so gentle and impressive. Great stuff.

ICYMI Diggle was hilarious last night. His lines were great and the reaction to Barry’s speed was outstanding. Kudos to the writers and David for pulling it off.

If you’re hooked as I am, just calm down. Cause you don’t have to wait a whole week for a new Flash episode as tonight Team Flash stops by Star city. Can’t wait to see what surprises they’ll have in store for us tonight.


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