Once Upon A Time Review: What A Funny Looking World


“Fall” was an eventful episode and a great follow up to the 2 hour event from 2 weeks ago But more important a great lead in to the final 2 episodes of the Frozen chapter. This week Anna and Kristof woke up from their frozen state and Team Storybrooke was working a way against the Shattered Sight spell.

Before entering into what really happened in this episode I have to give huge Kudos to Elizabeth Lail for her performance as Anna of Arendele. She was strong, witty and a true believer a perfect imagine of the sincere being Anna was in the movie.

Anna’s stories this week started when she and Kristoff unfroze. Right of the bet she clashed with Hans who took control over Arendele and its assets. But Anna and her fiancee fought right back and escaped. All of the sudden Anna mentions  a wishing star, a powerful object that allows you to wish anything you want. To obtain the star Anna convinced Kristoff they should seek out Blackbeard who should be in possesion of a wishing star. But Blackbeard was working with Hans and tricked Anna and Kristoff.

Blackbeard revealed that he already gave Anna’s parents the wishing star but it only could’ve been used by pure hearted people. Hand put the lovely couple into a box, revealed that 30 years have passed since Elsa disappeared and throw them into the ocean. As the box was filling with water, Anna started saying her vows to be married to the love of her life before they’ve died.

It was such an emotional moment and once more I have to say great work by Elizabeth Lail. This is a girl to be watched over.

While all this happened in Arenedelle in Storybrooke, Team Goodguys were trying to stop Ingrid’s spell. Belle found two ways to counter the spell, one involved Anna cause she was affected by the spell previously and the other Anna’s necklace which contained mirror parts.  Elsa and Emma decided to find Anna with a searching spell cast on Anna’s necklace, but it lead them to a dead end in the mines under the library. With time running out we had to turn to the other plan which included destroying the necklace and losing hope in finding Anna.

While the Charmings and Regina agreed that loosing Anna was a price worth paying, Elsa couldn’t do it and tricked them by giving them an empty beg and running away to find Anna. Eventually her search turned out to be a lost cause and in a beautiful moment Elsa wished Anna by her side and Anna’s necklace made Elsa’s wish come through and the sisters were finally reunited.

The moment Elsa and Anna were once together again was giving me major goose bombs and their joy was overwhelming. But one more thing traveled back through space, the bottle message Anna and Elsa’s mother wrote before dying. Anna’s return would’ve saved the whole town if Gold didn’t interfeered.

Gold was so cold hearted this week I just wanted Hook to punch him really hard, just one time, and do it for all of us. He made a deal with Ingrid to leave town with Belle and Henry and forced Hook to capture all the fairies from the dinner. We saw a lot of Gold’s bad sides and plans but this edition of Rumpold is the worst we ever saw. Hook had a choice and between the Fairies and his life he choose himself. But Rumple didn’t back down and kept Hook as his slave.

The Charmings had many emotional goodbyes but this one was especially tough. Snow giving Emma her brother for safe keeping, cause the spell could force her to do something to the child was just heartbreaking. Hook as well came to say goodbye to Emma and after he left it seemed like Emma felt something was wrong. Maybe cause they kissed the first time without him having a heart, but she noticed something for sure.

Eventually the spell stroke over Storybrooke leaving our main characters a step away from desperation, with Regina on a brick away from a meltdown. Regina was so afraid of what bad Regina could do to all the relations she established and I must say winy Regina isn’t fun at all. Lana doesn’t do sad and weak well so next weeks arrival of the Evil Queen should be a delight for my eyes and ears.

I found three minor loopholes in this episode. First why did Hans unfroze a couple of days before Anna and Kristoff? Second why couldn’t Regina teleport to Elsa and take the necklace away from her? Third why didn’t the Fairies fight back?

Yes all this stuff aren’t real deal breakers but still ruining the image of this perfect emotional roller-coaster of an episode. We are heading toward the final 2 episodes of the Frozen chapter and things are heating up. The writers besides giving a proper end to the Frozen chapter, are laying the grounds for the 2nd part of the season and with a death between our goodguys, Season 4B should be quite the adventure.


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