Quick Recap: The Big Bang Theory 8×08 8×09 8×10

With a bunch of obligations I hadn’t anytime to write recaps for The Big Bang Theory’s latest episodes. So I’ll hit 3 flies with one Quick Recap.

TBBT 8×08 – “The Prom Equivalency”


– This episode was once more a hilarious outing and the writers once more surprised us with a huge Shamy moments. After Bernie and Amy saw Penny’s old prom dress, they set up a fake prom at the rooftop.

– Sheldon was first reluctant towards the idea of the prom and wanted to overplay it by pretending to be an alien. Penny than hit a sensitive button and asked Sheldon if he would do some post prom activities with Amy. To all our surprise he answered yes.

– So after dropping the idea of being an Alien Sheldon completely embraced the experience. But once again Sheldon was thrown off after Leonard mentioned that people lose their virginity at a prom. Than a classic Sheldon panic night happened and Amy was the perfect girlfriend. Than a big thing happened Sheldon said to Amy: “I love you, too!”

– My heart skipped a beat and Amy started to melt down. Kudos to Jim Parson for pulling of this great mix between awkward, nerd and a 14 year old boy in a 40 year old’s body.

– Another fine aspect of the prom was introduced as Emily was Stuart took Howard’s cousin Jinny to the fake prom. ICYF Jinny was the girl Howy lost his virginity to. I laughed so hard at their scenes.

– It was nice to see Raj’s girlfriend, Emily (Laura Spencer) here. She is a bunch of awkwardness and suits Raj really well.

– Leonard and Penny shared some sweet moments as the night progressed. It’s always funny to see Leonard fungirling over having the pretty girl as a date.

TBBT 8×09 – “The Septum Deviation”


– The ninth episode of season 8 was also a pretty much Sheldon centric episode. Sheldon spiraled out of control after Leonard announced that he was going to fix his deviated septum. His concern for Leonard’s life was so sweet and enjoyable

– Leonard than lied to Sheldon he was at a public swimming pool to do his surgery. But Amy was an easy piece to break and Sheldon found out Leonard was at the surgery. The fall-out between Penny and Sheldon was juts hilarious. Than an earthquake followed causing a blackout and Sheldon trying to rescue his friend. But he just hit the glass door who stopped worked during the blackout.

– The follow-up scene with an operated Leonard and injured Sheldon was hilarious. Their nasal talk and sarcastic remarks were just brilliantly written and executed.

– Raj on the other hand found out that his parents are getting divorced. It broke his big India heart and thank God Howard was there to comfort him.

– The issues between Raj’s parents brought up unresolved issues between Bernie and Howard. While Bernie was eager to resolve the issues they are putting under the rug, Howard wanted to avoid an argument.

– Howard proposed that instead nagging at each other they should mention all the things they love each other. This quickly turned into a hilarious under the belt punch fest.

TBBT 8×10 – “The Champagne Reflection”


– “The Champagne Reflection” was probably the weakest Big Bang Theory episode of season 8. It featured the best of Fun with Flags, a pharmaceutical rep conference and a dead professor’s work .

– Amy and Sheldon recorded their final Fun with Flag episode and it featured a bunch of not so funny highlights. The appearance of LeVar Burton added some funny racist remarks by Sheldon but that was it. But just one comment on his last video made him rethink the whole deal and start record again.

– Penny and Bernie attended a pharmaceutical conference and Bernie was her not charming-self. After Bernie teased their boss Dan, Penny tried to work with Bernie on her issues. As thought little miss perfect wasn’t handling the criticism well and was about to run off. Penny stopped her and Bernie started to realize she had issues. Bernie had an emotional breakdown but still kept her old patterns.

– Leonard, Raj and Howard were cleaning up the office of a deceased professor. Leonard was hit quite hard by the fact that the professor’s life wasn’t celebrated and his work didn’t had any accomplishment. They tried to find some sense in his work but failed miserably. Than Raj, Leonard and Howard made a pact that they would toast in prof Roger’s name when they acomplish something really great.


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