The Flash Review: 311 Days


311 days have passed since the  particle accelerator blew up and a lot has changed in the lives of our protagonists. “Power Outage” started with Wells speaking to his artificial intelligence Gideon. Wells is a shady character and the writers are doing a fine job keeping his character as interesting as possible.

This episode was all about Barry’s powers and a live without the powers. In the most recent encounter with Farooq Gideon, a meta who has to drain electricity to survive, Barry lost his powers. This lead to an interesting scene where Wells spoke to Gideon and told him to show the future. But now in this future there is no sign of The Flash, Barry or anything related to him.

Gideon become the most intriguing thing in The Flash. But things got quite interesting when Farooq appeared at STAR labs demanding to see Wells?! Farooq was so furious he messed with STAR labs electricity and causing a blackout in the city. Even though Barry tried to talk to  Farooq he couldn’t get him to stop his quest. While Cisco and Caitlin tried to give Barry his powers back Wells made a really surprising move and released Trey Woodward, last weeks villain, to get some time. I was like WTF man?? I was quite surprised and heartbroken when Trey died in Barry’s arms.

But Barry’s reaction wasn’t on spot. Yes he was angry at the moment but he let it go to easy. Barry’s powers eventually returned when Farooq was about to kill Wells. Barry is so compassionate it wasn’t a surprise he stepped up when Wells was in danger. A bit later Farooq overdosed on Barry’s powers and died at STAR labs.

This episode was filled with Barry – Caitlin moments. A lot of people are against Baitlin happening but at this point their chemistry just works so well. It will be interesting to see how their dynamic will change with Caitlin’s ex-fiancee coming back in the midseason final.

Meanwhile during the blackout William Tockman took Iris, Joe and a dozen of people hostage at the police station. The Clock King, played by Robert Knepper, was a well used crossover character from the Arrowverse and pushed Iris character to a new distance. She finally had a bigger purpose than just fungirling around Eddie or Barry. Eddie tried to play the hero this week and was outsmarted by William and shot down. This kicks present time Eddie out of competition in the run for the role of the Reverse Flash. Cause Eddie neither healed fast and didn’t avoid getting shot.

As Tockman’s demands were forfilled, he took Iris with her so he would still have leverage. But Team West outsmarted the Clock King as Joe asked Tockman to let Iris say goodbye to Eddie. During the goodbye Iris obtained Eddie’s 2nd gun and prevail over Tockman. Giving the characters seperate stories worked fine this week. This weeks West story concluded with Barry stopping by to see Eddie and checking in with Iris as the Flash.

Their scene was quite funny and the chemistry build up is getting better with every week. Iris is quite smitten by the Flash and Barry noticed it. And it seems he is playing on that card, bad boy!

The episode concluded with (a version of) Wells taking blood from Farooq, cause the guy had the ability to take Barry’s powers. I’m not really convinced that was our present time Wells, rather I think this is the future Wells coming from the future to influence the present time.

Next week we are in for a great treat when Team Arrow stops by and visit Team Flash in a two-hour crossover event. The event starts with The Flash episode “Flash vs Arrow” and ends the next night with “The Brave and The Bold” on Arrow.


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