The Originals Review: Just Like The Old Days


I don’t know which moment of “The Brothers That Care Forgot” gave me greater goosebumps? Was it the moment Elijah reunited with Rebekah and Hope or was it the closing moment when Klaus told Hayley they are going to see their daughter? Either way the 8th episode of Season 2 was another excellent episode giving us fans a bunch of heartfelt moments and surprising developments.

The episode picked up from last weeks installment and Klaus and Elijah facing their captured brothers. Klaus knew that their best chance to defeat Esther would be united with their brothers. Elijah’s approach was less subtle and he dived his teeth into Finn’s neck.

Klaus already worried about his brothers state of mind used Rebekah’s urgent call to sent his brother off. While Elijah was absent Klaus used Marcel to persuade his brothers to join him. While Marcel was dealing with Kol, Klaus tried to shatter Finn’s believes in Esther. But Finn’s faith was strong as ever and justified his mother in all possible ways. Finn even spilled the beans about Dahlia and Freya.

ICYMI Esther had to give her firstborn Freya to her sister after she cured her from her infertility. And not only that Dahlia said she would take every first born from every generation of the Mikaelson family. This set of a bunch of Klaus’s alarms but he couldn’t handle them right away as Davina was out for revenge.

Yes Davina showed Klaus her teeth. After escaping Josh she used some of Kol’s dark magic and confronted Klaus. She neutralize Klaus and was about to stop rescue Kol. But Kol didn’t need help, he agreed to Marcel and Klaus’s offer and joined Team Not Esther. Klaus later woke up from Davina’s spell and got a call from Rebekah that set him on a mission to retrieve his daughter. The moment he told Hayley they are going to meet their daughter, my heart started pounding. It was an excellent moment and I can’t wait for the mid-season final and them to reunite with their daughter.

Hayley meanwhile got engaged this week. She spent some quality time with Jackson and tried to reunite their pack again. Pull them away from Esther’s influenze and make the wolves the leader of  NOLA. But the moon rings were a deal breakers, but there was a way to overcome them as well. An ancient ritual prophesies that when wolfs marry under special circumstances the wolfs attending the ritual and their heirs to inherit the powers of the married couple. So all the wolves that would attend the marriage between Hayley and Jackson would inherit her ability to control her transformation.

Hayley had a hard time to decide, cause of Hope, Elijah and many other factors. But Elijah wasn’t able to talk to her and Hayley made a decision for her pack and agreed to marry Jackson. Got a feeling this will end with Jackson’s head on a silver saucer.

Rebekah’s return this week wasn’t great but it was enjoyable. We saw Rebekah play with Hope on a playground, reunite with Elijah and break Elijah’s neck. When Rebekah saw Elijah killed a bunch of people instead of just compelling them she knew something was wrong. I like that they didn’t push Rebekah’s return to be more that it is. Yes she was compelled by the possibility that Esther could move her into a different body and have a normal life, but Rebekah knows how wicked Esther is and that she can’t be trusted.

Esther was nowhere to be found this week but she did enough damage. She performed a ritual on Cami preparing her body for Rebekah. A single unattached young girl without anyone to be missed by the perfect choice for Rebekah. Rebekah confronted Finn about this fact it wasn’t pleasant at all. Finn ended the episode in a coffin but not dagger. I call it improvement!

ICYMI 2 Josh and Aiden shared one more kiss this week. The 2 of them are really adorable and I like the show is pushing them. But let’s remember the show doesn’t let anyone be happy to long.

The episode ended and there are so many faiths left in the open. Next week the whole Mikaelson family will be in NOLA and I assume not all of them will survive it. The one most likely to die is Kol, with Yusuf Gatewood aka Finn being promoted to series regular, but maybe Kol will just trick Davina into getting his old body back via dark magic. But Dahlia could appear as well and abduct Esther? Two weeks are a to long wait for my fang loving heart.


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