Scorpion Review: Someone’s trying to kill her


Scorpion’s 9th episode of season 1, “Rogue Elements”, was highly exciting and with the introduction of Cabe’s ex-wife, Rebecca Burns, the show took its chance and explored the relationship between Cabe and Walter.

A text on Cabe’s phone highly alerted him and made him and Team Scorpion start a mission to protect Cabe’s ex-wife, Rebecca Burns. Rebecca stumbled on some illegal matters involving money laundry in her firm and someone didn’t want her to share.

Things started to make sense as the information Rebecca found out connected to killing a Congressman. But this time the investigation was rather frisky as billioner weren’t there to play. After Walter broke into Rebecca’s work building their opponents went after the Scorpion’s layer and took it apart. The team regrouped at an old house that Cabe owns. With some investigative work the team connected the dots and realized it was all about watering small farms and that the congressman was killed cause he wanted to pass a new law making the influential people lose money. Now with evidence the team would’ve take them down their enemies, but they found their new layer and abducted Rebecca. An intensive car chase started with Walter pulling of a PIT maneuver. Of course everyone is save and sound .

It was an emotionally bound episode. The return of Rebecca brought up lingering feelings about the death of their daughter Amanda.The emotional resolution between Cabe and Rebecca was heartbreaking. They went through so much but things were to broken after their daughter died.

Also a big deal was Cabe and his paternal approach on the team, especially towards Walter. Walter and Cabe worked well together and even though their approach isn’t the same they have the same thing on their mind. As an example could serve their dislike towards Ralph’s father Drew. Drew is easy on the eyes but proved he is still an unreliable character. I hope he goes away soon, without leaving damage on Ralph or Paige.

Happy, Sylvester and Toby were just masterminding this episode without no special character development there. Hopefully that will change with the next episodes to come. Overall I fairly enjoyed “Rouge Element” and Scorpion is still one of the more enjoyable new shows this fall.


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