Scorpion Review: GI Scorpion


This was fun!!! The combination of humor, action and character development delivered by Scorpion is sometimes more than extraordinary. As a person with Bosnian roots, I should be a bit offended by this episode but I will look away cause the episode delivered on so many levels.

Paige, Cabe, Walter, Happy and Toby found themselves on a mission to retrieve a software and a body of dead pilot from a fallen plane in Bosnia. Things quickly got real as their van got attacked by Bosnian rebels and Happy and Toby got departed from our team.

Upon finding the airplane that crashed the team realized that the software was already taken and the pilot most likely still alive. Now a rescue mission started and it was really exciting. Walter’s awkwardness was just out of the world, it was odd how his skills applied on the battlefield as well. His interaction with Jake McLaughlin’s LT James Corbin was well layered and nicely executed. In the end in a really naive way Walter and James survived and rescued the pilot Javier Barrois.

Paige’s part in this whole mission was questionable. She didn’t had any skill that the team needed besides being herself. But she was just fine, yes a liability at moments but still a huge support for Walter.

Toby and Happy had their sweet moments and it seemed like they were finally advancing towards a relationship. Usually I like it when they take some time and develop a relationship but these two are there at least Toby is. Happy is still struggling with her feelings and fear of being abandoned.

Happy hurt her leg during the mission and Toby was there for her. He is a doctor and while fixing her foot, they dig a bit into their personal issues. Toby’s mother was bipolar and his father suffered under it, and that is why he became a psychiatrist. They also talked about their defense mechanisms and not letting anyone get close to them or see them weak. Great scenes.

Later Happy and Toby reached a cottage in the woods and Igor, a crazy Bosnian fellow unknowingly working for the rebels. Igor was bit to dumb but his naive and sincere attitude suited the story and upped the enjoyment factor.

A third story to this whole mess included Walter’s sick sister, Megan. After Walter bailed Megan out of jail for assulting an officer under influence. Megan was dumped into Sylvester’s lap after the team left for Bosnia. Sylvester was to afraid of flying and couldn’t follow his friends.

But the time spent with Megan helped Sylvester. Megan helped him realize how important Walter was to him as he remembered how Walter got him out of a fraud mess. Sylvester is highly underused in these last couple of episodes, I hope his character will get much more space to develop and reveal stuff about his past.

The episode concluded with Walter slightly accepting Megan was dying soon from her MS. It was a highly entertaining episode but the show should step a bit away from the procedural concept and make more character driven episodes.


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