Reign Review: Blood will flow


“Terror of the Faithful”  was dealing with the aftermath of Francis signing Narcisse’s edict, Lorcisse’s romantic relationship and Catherine dealing with Claude.

After Francis signed the edict the Pope’s people entered France and started terrorizing people. This once again rose tension between the lovely reigning couple and it didn’t seem to calm down. Things further escalated when in attempt to help the Protestants, a Protestant Priest revealed if Francis didn’t send of the Pope’s people a bomb will explode killing a bunch Catholics.

Francis, Mary, Conde and Bash tried everything possible to stop the attack and where surprised when after an attack it was revealed that there was no bomb and the protestants set them up so they would start a war between the Catholics and Protestants. But the war growing between Mary and Francis isn’t getting any better either.

Narcisse further made moves into persuading Lola to indulge with him. But Lola wouldn’t let Narcisse mean more for her. I really appreciate what Craig Parker brought to the show and his moves to make Lola fall for him were just filled with sexual energy that I wouldn’t hold as good as Lola did. Lola afterwards sought out Francis and revealed to him that she knows that Henry died by his hands. Francis explained Lola that he used her to plant prove against Narcisse cause he threatened their whole family and she revealed that she did plant it even though she lied to Franics earlier

This lead to another missed attack against Narcisse, as he found the evidence and now wasn’t so friendly towards Lola anymore. He had faith in their possible arrangement but now it doesn’t seem like it will happen between those 2. Real shame, cause Reign is missing out on some sexy time this year.

Catherine was meanwhile trying to move her daughter Claude out of the castle. And it was finally revealed why!!!! It seems Claude was a jealous baby girl and killed her twin sisters whom got all the attention from their mother. It was a certainly a game changer and explained why Catherine started seeing the dead twins after Claude return to court.

Catherine wanted to promise Claude to a Bavarian count but Claude didn’t want to leave. Catherine even forced Claude to take a fake virginity test so the bavarians would take Claude. Eventually Claude ruined everything by flirting with Narcisse in front of the bavarians and destroying every possibility of marrying away. The thing I really appreciated was the scene between Bash and Catherine, those 2 barely spent time alone and this scene was really good. I enjoyed their chemistry as Bash tried to persuade Catherine to be more of a mother towards Claude. His word hit Catherine in the right spot but she still didn’t gave in and made a move towards Claude.

Reign once more delivered a more than solid episode, sadly the ratings aren’t following the shows stellar storytelling. I hope the viewers give the show one more chance and engage into these beautiful stories about this incredible royals. Many seasons may they Reign.


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