Gotham Review: Enter Alfred


Wow!!! I watched a lot of Batman shows, movies, cartoons but Sean Pertwee as Alfred Pennyworth is the best I’ve seen. I mean it’s a bit ungrateful to compare but this 40 something Alfred to the almost dead/retired Alfreds we usually see, but again this weeks performance of Sean Pertwee makes Gotham  a show worth watching.

“LoveCraft” was an intense episode and served as Gotham’s fall/winter final. After last weeks bland introduction of Harvey Dent, this time around his appearance was still underwhelming for such and iconic character but had at least some purpose. After he went after Lovecraft last week, this week a mission to eliminate Selina Kyle started. The assassins sent by the Wayne murderers were ruthless and attacked the Wayne mansion ASAP. This is the part were Alfred gets awesome he fought the assassins like a pro and protected the kids. While Bruce and Selina escaped into Gotham, Alfred called up Jim (and Harvey) to help.

While Alfred teamed up with Harvey (a surprisingly interesting interaction), Jim went to Harvey and confronted him about the assassins going after Selina. Harvey confessed he mentioned Jim’s name a couple of time so that people would follow him on his hunt for Lovecraft. So Jim sought out Lovecraft and got some interesting intel about the Wayne case. Cause seemingly someone sold a bunch of Wayne enterprise stocks just a couple of days before the Wayne’s were murdered. But the assassins were after Lovecraft as well and killed him with Jim’s gun. This lead to a different development, but later on that cause the kids were still in danger.

Harvey and Alfred went to Fish, cause she was the one who most certainly had some information on Selina and Bruce’s whereabouts. Fish was reluctant to even speak to them till Alfred stepped up and charmed Fish with his British accent and make her fess up. This lead Harvey and Alfred to the kids location.

Selina and Bruce’s adventure was quite interesting, cause after Selina got introduced into Bruce’s world last week, this time Bruce saw how Selina was handling herself in the streets of Gotham. Selina tried to even push away Bruce so he wouldn’t get hurt, but he wouldn’t let his new friend alone. So they went up to secret hideout for street kids where they met (Poison) Ivy Pepper. Ivy was so creepy and I fairly enjoyed her reappear, hopefully she will have more impact on the show along the way.

Clyde was the next stop on the kids road. Clyde was little mob boss handling the street kid but betrayed Selina and sold them out to the Assassins. Them appeared quite quick and a confrontation happened when Harvey, Alfred and Jim busted the meeting. Selina got away safely while Bruce lured away the leader of the assassins.  Selina at the end came back to say goodbye to  Bruce and they shared a sweet kiss on their under-aged lips.

While Montoya, Barbara and Allen were absent this week, Oswald shared an interesting scene with Falcon promising him that he would get evidence of Fish’s betrayal. Seems like Liza’s days will come to an end.

The episode concluded with Jim getting degraded to a security guard at Arkham, as a punishment for trying to take down the Mayor. It was sweet as underused Ed Enigma was pining over his friend Jim leaving. Jim at Arkham could be a lot of fun, lets see what the writers have in store for the remaining 12 episodes of Gotham’s rookie year.


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