The Flash Review: Hit me with Ur best shot


“The Flash Is Born” was an entertaining The Flash outing but somehow I miss the dramatic edge. Barry is seriously taking out these “villains to Be” to easy. If you watch Arrow as well, the comparison is inevitable and Arrow is winning in all the departments. I don’t say the Flash is a bad show but not as good as I hoped it to be. The show had it’s mysterious, intriguing moments but this episode lacked of it and it’s just a different show.

This week the Flash-Iris-Barry triangle got to new distances. Iris was still obsessing about the Red streak and Barry couldn’t handle putting her in danger. It was convenient that the new meta human causing trouble was their childhood acquaintance Trey Woodward. He did exactly what Barry assumed Metas would do, go after Iris to get him.

After failing twice in defeating Trey, Barry had to push himself to new limits. Thankfully he and his team worked really well together. I like how Caitlin worries about Barry, they have a nice connection it even reminds me of the lingering feelings between Steroline on the Vampire Diaries.

Eventually Trey kidnapped Iris and Barry fought hard to defeat Trey and eventually did by reaching the speed of sound and creating a sonic boom in a 5,3 mile radius. This lead Barry to seek out Iris and see how his best friend is doing after getting kidnapped. Barry Allen is a good man, I would rub it so hard into Iris face that she got abducted that her grandchildren would feel it. But okay, the scene they shared also to Iris getting the idea of calling Barry’s alter ego The Flash.

This Trey Woodward story served also as a touching stone, so Barry and Eddie would share some scenes. It was nice to finally get some information on Eddie, him being a fat, small kid who got pushed around really doesn’t fit in his current macho attitude but it showed the strength he had to overcome his issues. I don’t like Eddie but the character wasn’t created for that but its nice to see him having a more human side and be able to connect to him.

The most entertaining part of the show was revolving around Joe and Harison Wells (again). Joe was looking into Nora Allen’s murder case. After realizing Wells opened his lab a month after Nora’s death, Joe started to investigate Wells. Joe had a smart approach he befriended Well look into some intel about who could’ve killed Nora. But eventually Joe confronted Wells about him moving into Central city.

Joe found out that Wells wife Tess Morgan, died and that made him move to central city. So Joe crawled back to Wells and they made amends. Later in the closing moments of the episode Joe was visited by the yellow streak. He turned out the power, rushed around Joe a couple of times, took the Nora Allen evidence and left a knife on a picture of Iris and so leaving a straight forward message to Joe. Stop looking after me.

The Yellow streak will finally make a huge appearance in the show in its mid-season final in a couple of weeks, but till than we have enough time to speculate who he is? In the comic books it’s Eddie Thawn, but current state Eddie doesn’t seem capable! But so is it Wells? Or future Eddie? God only knows but I certainly can wait to find out.


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