Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×08


“Risk” was the season 11th winter final of my favorite winter finale. With a pretty much MerDer centric season so far the mid-season finale wasn’t different at all.

Right from the start the episode was high tension between and when Maggie asked Meredith and Derek for a consult things heated up quite fast. The sisters agreed that they had to proceed with a Thoracotomy but Derek wanted to go in into the brain first. Derek got so frustrated he included Richard and went up against the sisters.

I was glad to see the sisters go through with their plan and safe the girl. Mer did some inner reflection with Alex and the trust issue rose once again. The biggest blow out between Mer-Der happened and he left for D.C.

The most weird ultrasound in GA history continued into a really sad story. Stephanie conducted another ultrasound check up for April. The moment she entered the exam room was already weird, but Stephanie’s face when April mentions their child is sitting again in the Buddha position was enough to set my alarms red. Arizona diagnosed the baby with a rare and fatal disease. The moment they revealed it was unrepairable my heart broke. April and Jackson are so underused this season that this development was awful. When Stephanie one more time asked dr Herman for a consult Jackson was listening to it and found out about his kid.

Arizona already had her hands full with dr Herman and her tumor that April’s condition was just a mess. She asked for dr Herman’s scans so she would see what kind of Tumor Herman has. She asked for the scans on Amelia’s name. Amelia busted Arizona and they looked together at the scans. Amelia counted up a bunch of symptoms and when Arizona busted dr Herman screwing  Graham things escalated. Herman explained that it was more about enjoying these last few moths she has and plenty hunky orgasms with pretty face Graham (Nicholas D’Agosto) are a priority. But to our surprise Amelia seemed to have found a way to safe her.

The new click in the hospital featuring Mer, Maggie, Alex and Callie is quite funny. Their scenes are entertaining and spending time together, bashing about people is a real threat. Callie was still working on her veteran project with Owen. She pushed a patient really hard that he needed a craniotomy, putting Callie on Owen’s blacklist. He meanwhile shared a moment with Amelia who was operating and fixing the brain bleed. Amelia explained her addiction to him and he was full of respect and understanding. But Owen lashed out on Callie later cause their patient was in a coma.

In their broken state Arizona and Callie shared a scene where they pushed each other encouraging they will get through this on their own. Still not sure about the writers plans for Calzona but this friendly state with stories for both of them are much better than the mess they get into when they are a couple.

Jo had issues with the new click in the hospital. Cause they took Alex away from her. But he explained her the meaning of their house and the importance of being open for all of them in need.

Bailey was still working on get her health groove and this story is so funny to watch.



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