Arrow Review: Obsesion in my Mind

Draw Back Your Bow

“Draw Back Your Bow” was major on Oliver and Felicity as they were stalling and moving on in their lives. The appearance of Carrie Cutter as the Arrow’s psycho stalker was just a treat to the storyline and the progress we got on our characters is spectacular.

Carrie was a complete psycho and the way she played around with Oliver was entertaining. She pushed him really hard and it Amy Gumenick was delivering every piece of the role. The intriguing part of this storyline was Oliver’s visit to Carrie’s psychiatrist. The analysis on her Carrie was quite similar to Oliver and his emotional state. The doc told Oliver that the  honesty was the key to take out Carrie and cut her of from him. But the issue is she doesn’t handle rejection well.

Carrie proofed to be a fierce fighter and it seemed like she got the best of Oliver when she cuffed him to a train stripes, but Oliver broke his thumb and saved him and Carrie. Diggle later sent Carrie to A.R.G.U.S to work as part of the Suicide Squad, can’t wait for that reunion.

Diggle was big on confronting people this week. He first walked up to Felicity at the new proclaimed Palmer Industries and told her about Oliver’s struggle but Felicity was sick of other people telling her about Oliver and his feelings. She needs Oliver to be the one. Later Diggle told Oliver he needs to step up and that its stupid to push Felicity away cause together they could be happy. The speech Oliver gave to Carrie about not being able to be with the one you care about helped but still my Felicity heart is hurting.

Felicity was on a work mission with Ray this week and their scenes were hilarious and intense. Felicity has the same faith in Ray that she once had in Oliver. And not to lie the coutour dress and 10 milion dollar necklace weren’t a turn off. They eventually kissed and Felicity gave into it. She either wants to move on or further push Oliver’s buttons, but maybe even both. The reveal of the night followed when we saw Ray work on his A.T.O.M. Exosuit following his alter ego’s steps. My only question is “What are Ray’s motives for persuading Felicity and constructing the suit?”

Roy’s character suddenly got interesting, as his struggle over killing that cop was taking quite the tool on his character. He struggled quite hard with it and it affected his ability to perform on the field.

And while Laurel this week, Thea finally got a couple of scenes this week. She auditioned a couple of DJ’s for Verdant’s reopening. Between all those guys, there was a special one Chase, played by The Carrie Diaries alum Austin Butler. The DJ Thea hired made a mess and Chase saved the day. The 2 shared a nice moment at the end, will be nice to see what happens to them along the way. I was really excited about the Thea story this season but for now it’s lacking of development.

Finally this weeks flashbacks were entertaining. After Maseo disappeared in a mission, Tatsu and Oliver started looking for him. They encountered a bunch of people and when they were beating down Oliver Tatsu woke up her inner fighter and killed the guys. Except one who told them Maseo was dead. Oliver and Tastu bonded as they intended to tell the boy the truth. I hoped Maseo would stay dead cause Tatsu and Oliver have great chemistry but he is still alive and kicking.

Next we are on an Arrow break and in two weeks we get our first two hour cross over event featuring Team Flash and Team Arrow. Should be a hell of an episode. Looking forward to it!



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