How To Get Away With Murder Review: Killing him was the easy part


HTGAWM is a hell of a drama! The show raises its level with each episode and just when you think things are going one way the writers change the game completely. “Kill me, Kill me, Kill me” was the ninth episode of this shortened season one and the winter final. And boy what did they do to us!

The episode got a bit boring mid through after they killed Sam cause the flash forwards were dominating but the closing moments were more than outstanding lifting the game to a completely new level.

The episode started where the last one ended as Annalise and Sam engaged into a huge fight, where she confessed her affair to him, he told her she was basically a slut who would put up easily and him almost choking her to death. After Annalise left, Michaela and Rebecca busted into the Keating home and all hell broke loose. Rebecca locked herself into Sam’s room while Michaela called up Wes for help. After Wes, Connor and Laurel reached the manor a fight erupted and Sam fall over the steps when Michaela pushed him, he hit his head and lost conscience on the floor. The crew already started panicking not knowing that Sam was still alive.

In a surprising moment he started choking Rebecca and Wes hit Sam over the head with the trophy. Yes WES KILLED SAM! And trust me that wasn’t not even a surprise compared to the last scenes of the episode but I’ll speak about that a bit later. From this point we didn’t get much new footage as we saw the group cover up the crime as in the flashbacks throughout the first 8 episodes.

Among new footage we saw Annalise seek out Nate and reconcile with him using Sam as an excuse for all the stuff she did. And at this point I have to say NATE YOU IDIOT! You are much smarter than that. But maybe I’m wrong, maybe Nate is playing Annalise and will take her down along the way and just wanted to hit that ass. The message Annalise left on Sam’s phone was so emotional, devastating and surprising move after she slept with Nate. Things started to make even less sense as she called Bonnie up after the message. Shouldn’t it be the other way around.

We also wintesed the most funny sex scene the show had to date. Bonnie and Asher are such and interesting hook up. Really didn’t see it coming.

I enjoyed Laurel pretty much this time, she was so in control so calm, such a devious mastermind. Great. The way she later manipulated Frank into turning in the Trophy was excellent. Connor’s breakdown in front of Oliver was also so well executed, and accusing it on drugs was just so Connor. Hoping to see more of Cliver, together again. I was shocked Michaela signed that pre-nup but she will most likely be safe with Aiden under her arm.

At the end Annalise summoned her Keating’s 5 to her office and asked them to cooperate with her and the police about Sam’s involvement in Lila Stangard’s murder. As Wes say’s “Of course” we flashback to the moment Wes took the Trophy from the house, just to see Annalise sitting in her office watching her dead husbands body. Annalise was the whole time in on it and helped Wes and co cover up the murder, of course it’s a secret between Wes and Annie.

With this tremendous game changer I can’t wait for the next 8 weeks to pass and see how the story will develop. Who will break first? And who indeed killed Lila? Cause Sam didn’t for sure! Would be to easy. Take a brief moment and enjoy the hiatus cause the last 6 episodes will probably be better than we could ever expect.


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