Quick Recap: The 100 2×05


-The 100 continued their trend of delivering thrilling captivating episodes week after week. “Human Trials” was all about reuniting and realization as all of the main characters got to space and time to shine.

-Clarke’s finally reunited with her mother at camp Jaha. Still wounded and hurt she couldn’t resist her urge to rescue her friends. But after Bellamy and Octavia came back(and Cellamy engaged into a deep hug), Clarke and them went against Abby’s orders to rescue Finn and Murphy. During their trip, Bellamy and Clarke talked about how Finn changed and Clarke couldn’t believe it. But when she finally reunited she couldn’t believe what Finn did.

-Finn really went completely gaga. He couldn’t handle everything that happened to him and his friends. So it was odd when Murphy was the sane one when they got to the camp, where the other Grounders sent them. To our surprise it was Lincoln’s home Finn and Murphy attacked. Eventually Murphy talked Finn out of hurting them but some old guy moving to fast upset Finn and he started shooting. A massacre happened and piece was far far away.

-At the camp Raven had a confrontation with Abby and made clear that Clarke is the person Abby made her to be after sending to earth. While Abby was Chancellor in chief, Kane and Jaha surprisingly reunited. Kane was searching for the kids and a way to make piece with the other Grounders. The one Grounder he captured previously led him to the desert people camp and Kane’s new roommate was no one other than Jaha.

-Meanwhile things quickly complicated at Mount Weather, first we saw Lincoln getting induced with some drug by no other than President Wallace son, a really shady guy (looking a lot like Finn Wittrock, instantly got the creeps). It seems like the Weather man conduct experiments on the Grounders making them addicted from the substance turning them into Reapers and Lincoln has passed phase 2.

-On the other side of the mountain after Wallace told Jasper Clarke escaped, Mounty was pushing towards escaping and getting out of MW. Jasper was not sure about it then Maya was under radiation influenz and went into shock.  Dr Tsing’s only solution to heal Maya was an experimental treatment. They would use Jasper’s blood as a filter and provide antibodies for Maya. The treatment worked and Maya survived, but the problem is that now the Sky people are to important for the WM to lose them.

Next week there will be a Thanksgiving break and than the rescue/survival mission will continue.


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