AHS Freak Show Review: Hiding Urself


Finn Wittrock is a pure revelation of this years AHS season. Dandy is the biggest freak of all and he is the one that looks like ” a normal person “. Dandy’s open rage, furious attitude and blank personality that were completely tormenting him added so much to the character and Finn’s impersonation of it was just on top brilliant. “Test of Strength” started with Jimmy taking the twins back to the camp and Dandy’s outrages reaction. Sadly Dandy wasn’t shown in the episode later but there were some neat development for other characters.

Dot and Bette saved Elsa in the last moment from her people turning against her, and had a pretty long list of demands for Elsa for their silence. The cat and mouse game between Sarah Paulson and Jessica Lange is always so entertaining. And between those its always a mental game that is quite brutal. Elsa knew Dot had a plan on her own and knew that getting Bette some stuff and glamour it would create a rift between than. So Dot opened up to Elsa with some letters. Elsa sought out Richard’s advice and the devious Denis O’Hare proposed to kill the girls and get rid of Elsa’s pain.

But the girls were sitting in the back seat this week, as the episode majorly focused on Jimmy, Dell and Richard. Richard witnessed Dell leaving the gay bar and tried to blackmail him into getting him a Freak. After the failed attempt of abducting Eve, Dell turned to Jimmy.

In probably the best scene Evan Peters had in his AHS history, Jimmy confronted Dell about his paternity. Both actors delivered highly and finally developed a father son relationship, that changed the course of their characters and the show overall.

But the passive aggressive Richard wasn’t backing down and putting pressure on Dell to get him a freak. The easiest victim for Dell was the little Ma Petite so he crushed her skull and delivered his first sacriface to Richard.

The most tormenting moment happened to Grace Gummer’s character Penny. He father couldn’t handle her leaving with Paul so he paid someone to tatoo her a reptilian face and fork her tongue.

Freak show broke his half mark and we only got 6 more episodes to go. Next week there will be a break from our favorite freaks but as we head into the resolution of this years storyline things are getting more and more complicated with no clue how the story will end.


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