The Originals Review: Diamond Dagger

Chasing the Devil's Tail

After last weeks ballistic episode “Chasing the Devil’s Tail” had a tough job to follow-up, but The Originals are always in for a surprise. The seventh episode of season 2 was extremely well layered forcing our characters to new extreme in a war against their supernatural enemies.

Klaus was still trying to safe his brother Elijah from the slumber Esther put him into. The way Klaus was trying to safe his brother was so Salvatore from him but it was neat to see Klaus care. Something changed in Joseph’s performance lately, his expression and the emotion following his words have improved so much. So the interaction with his newly risen father was a delight to watch. Klaus needed to find a special type of Orchid to break the tormenting spell Esther cast on Elijah and conveniently Ansel knew were Esther was keeping it.

Ansel, played by the equally handsome Llyod Owen, was the perfect match for Klaus. They were playing this cat and mouse game that was done well. Either wouldn’t back down and the reveal that Ansel could sense Hope is alive was a deal breaker. Klaus told Ansel he would love for him to have been his father and it would probably be the best thing that would’ve happened to him, but he couldn’t let him live. Klaus pulled for Ansel’s sword and killed his father.

Klaus woke Elijah up and confessed killing his father to him. The moment he started to speak, my heart started pounding and the bond between the brothers was exceptionally growing. But still Elijah was tormented by the things Esther did to him.

On the other side of the town Kol and Davina were working their magic. Kol was completely honest with Davina, he couldn’t hide things from her and we finally found out why he needed a sincere and strong bond with her. After Esther asked Kol for the white oak stake, Kol revealed some back story of his to Davina. He loved the gift of magic he possessed back in the day and his actions as a vampire were just a way to feel again that same thrill. Back in 1900’s when he was living with his siblings in NOLA he was spending time with some witches, among them Mary-Alice Claire, Davina’s ancestor. Mary-Alice cast a protection spell so Caleb no one would enter the tomb where the practiced magic and his dark objects.

Back in the day Kol was practicing Kemiya, an Arabia way of practicing magic. Kol’s ultimate plan was to convince Davina to change a silver dagger and be able to put Klaus asleep, so kill him but keep her friends alive. Interesting conception but after Davina finally fall asleep, Marcel abducted Kol and the white oak stake.

Meanwhile after Oliver’s death Hayley wanted to go after Esther, but she knew she couldn’t kill her right away and moved against her favorite son. Hayley, Aiden, Josh and Cami started a mission to capture Finn. After Cami throw in a bait that she has a thing for Finn, he was totally into it and went on a date with her. 

The date was a set up and Hayley attacked Cami so Finn would go after the wolves but that Finn eventually saw through it and would easily upper hand the crew if Jackson didn’t appear and gave Cami enough time to put on some magic stripping handcuffs on Finn. Yusef Gatewood was just promoted to series regular so let’s see where his road will go from this.

The episode ended with a broken Esther capturing Cami as a repercussion for Klaus killing Ansel and Hayley and Marcel delivering a magic-stripped Finn and Kol to Elijah and Klaus. The story keeps escalating and delivering new stories that keep me hanging for more of The Originals. Next week Original sister Rebekah will comeback with cutie Hope in her skinny arms, can’t wait for that.


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