Gotham Review: Be nice, play rough


When I remember that I was about to abandon the show just a couple of weeks ago, I’m really glad I left it on my Monday schedule. Gotham’s ninth episode introduced us to future evil mastermind Harvey Dent aka Two Face. The episode was respectively titled “Harvey Dent” pushed the story further along, officially introduced Batman to Catwoman and .

Last week Selina pushed herself back into Jim’s life and now, after they made a sketch of the Wayne killer, he pushed her into the Wayne mansion for safe keeping. Selina entering the world of Bruce and Alfred had a huge impact on both of them. I like this loud and opinionated version of Alfred who is anything but a silent advisor that was introduced in other Batmanverses. Alfred was against Selina staying and wasn’t afraid of letting her or anyone else know it.

But the real threat of the episode was the interactions between Selina and Bruce, they were profoundly different persons who but so wise and likeable. While Selina developt on the streets of Gotham, Bruce was a well-balanced smart boy. The combination between their natures clashing, childish behavior and tormented souls gave me something to be excited about and I can’t wait to see where they will head further along.

For an episode titled “Harvey Dent” I expected a lot more of Harvey last night, but his introduction was well handed. Nicholas D’Agosto was given enough space to intrigue and make the story progress. Harvey also had a name he wanted on the Wayne list and wasn’t afraid to try and take him out, Dick Lovecraft. He of course laughed right out into Harvey’s face, bringing out the other more eccentric side of Harvey’s character. Harvey wasn’t just following Jim interests and did things that would primarily favor him, and that gives him more edge than first shown.

Oswald meanwhile got “happy feet” when he found out about Liza and Fish’s connection. He even got so bold to go and seek out Liza. Oswald wanted to keep things as they were cause if Fish eliminates Falcon, there is enough space for him to go through and become the boss of them all.

The case of the week involved Fish taking out Nikolaj’s people, who knew she was involved with him. That required Ian Hargrove a bomb specialist who first helped rob Falcon and then kill the Nikolaj’s people. Love this new Fish she is much more tolerable cause her actions aren’t.

Barbara runaway ended with a steamy encounter with Montoya. Barbara ran away cause she was afraid to death by Falcon people. Jim tried to be as supportive as possible but Barbara prefered Montoya’s company instead.

With a slightly underwhelming introduction of Harvey Dent this episode wasn’t awful at all cause it had other solid segments. Next weeks mid-season final should deliver some astonishing moments and some cliffhangers to die about.


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