Reign Review: She can never know


Reign is maybe historically inaccurate but the effort the writers are putting into the set ups, words and relations is highly entertaining. Reign’s second season is a joy to watch and “The Prince of The Blood” wasn’t an exception. The episode featured a lot of marital tensions, the arrival of Claude (Rose Williams) and Greer.

Things went extremely fast from calm to explosive when Narcisse and other nobles proposed a for all the people to declare their religion. Of course Narcisse used the information about Francis killing his father against the young King. Francis knew he couldn’t handle this anymore on his own and included Bash into the whole story and asked his brother to seek out the Nanny and Montgomery and take them out of the equation. The moment Francis confessed his sin to his brother was so simple and not overplayed. Just right enough to believe it. Toby and Torrance really work well together.

Francis couldn’t rest while waiting for Bash to find the Nanny, so he used Lola in his favor. After searching through Griffin’s stuff, Catherine found a device the spies used to communicate between each other and Francis asked Lola to set up a letter with the device in Narcisse’s layer. Lola agreed to help the father of his child but doubt strongly grew when Narcisse decided to be completely honest towards Lola and told her he is blackmailing Francis with the fact he killed his father. Lola was shocked but persuade by Francis. But Lola wasn’t naive at all she did hid the letter but told Francis she didn’t. Should be a game changer later in the show. Later Narcisse tried to force himself on Lola but as she said after slapping him.

You don’t seek to take, before I give.

Thankfully Francis had Mary and Conde working for him. When a terrified Greer explained Mary that Castleroy was a protestant, Mary had to step up and stop the edict from ever going through. She and Conde worked together to persuade Noble man to openly declared himself as a protestant, but the protestant of their choice back down. Conde couldn’t see his Mary loose so he stand up and declared himself as a protestant. Other Nobleman followed and Francis gained some time. Conde and Mary don’t only look hot together but their scenes are powerful and so well-balanced. He is truly infatuated with her and would do anything to keep her happy.  A nice tidbit of information was revealed as Conde and his brothers were in line for the crown in case something would’ve happened to Francis and his family.

In a surprising turn of events Narcisse used new gathered information to force Francis to sign the edict. He found out about Mary and Catherine’s attempt to kill Henry at the end of Season 1. Narcisse threatened Francis and I enjoyed every bit of terror Narcisse put into Francis bones. It’s a shame we’ll have to lose Craig Parker at one moment cause this games will most likely end fatally for him.

At the other side of the court little miss Claude was playing games. It’s funny to see Claude being so perverted and open as she should be around 12 years old at this point in time. But this inaccuracy doesn’t change the fact I LOL-ed as she was taking the castle apart. Starting from Catherine, over some poor boys to Bash. Yes Claude had a thing for her step brother and it seemed they had relations back in the day as she tricked him into believing Henry wasn’t his dad. A bit naive but I let it pass as Rose Williams is playing an exquisitely enjoyable Claude. Besides that Claude wants Bash for himself so it seems she’ll go up against Kenna and that will be funny to see.

Catherine on the other side was suffering some major terrors. Upon Claude’s return she started seeing coughing dead twin girls. This illusions had some connections to Henry and their daughters I presume. Speaking of Catherine’s daughter can someone bring Clarissa back?

The closing moments featured one more fight between Francis and Mary and she wouldn’t listen reason this time. At the end he even stated that she should return to Scotland. Things will culminate at mid-season and I can’t wait to see what curve ball the writers will throw at us this year.


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