Once Upon A Time Review: Embrace the Power


OUAT’s 2nd ever 2 hour event happen last Sunday. “Smash The Mirror” (a+b) really needed a bit of time to get into the groove but when it started gathering momentum it turned out to be an excellent instalment.

Emma’s powers were still out of control and after she hurt Henry she hit rock bottom. That rock bottom transferred into asking Rumple to calm her magic but Rumple had a better part he proposed Emma she should get ride of her magic. Emma was delighted when she heard that and made a date with Rumple at the old mansion where he spent his honeymoon with Belle. Jennifer Morison delivered, her fear, desperation and pain felt so real.

An other well done part of the show were Snow and Charming. It’s always hard on them to make decisions on behalf their adult daughter. And their talk upon finding out Emma was getting rid of her magic was written extremely well and this was one of the rare occasions I enjoyed Josh Dallas acting. Regina than rocked their world with a speech, that made them question their decision and go after Emma.

Hook and Elsa couldn’t back down as easily as the Charmings did and both went after Emma to help. Hook knew Rumple was behind Emma’s power stripping desires and started calling her cell and trying to find her at the pawn shop. In his pure desperation he called Emma and confessed all his sins to Emma’s answering machine. Elsa on the other hand wanted to help Emma and the Charmings embrace Emma’s powers and went to find and save her.

Regina finally got some spot light after all. The fans were already getting angry cause she was a bit neglected. We pick up on Regina the morning after she and Robin spent the night. It was cute how shy and they were about it but their new-found intimacy was already notable in these scenes. Regina confined in Robin and told him about the book and everything connected to it. Robin couldn’t sit back after hearing this so he tried to investigate the book with the help of his very entertaining sidekick Will Scarlet. First stop the Library.

Regina while helping Henry and the Charming with their Emma problem shared some nice scenes with Snow. They were both adult women who did a lot of strange things so they could be happy and it was nice to see them bond again. Snow’s speech about Regina taking on this new path gave a nice touch to their friendship and encouraged Regina to fight for her happiness. .

Back in Arendelle, we found out what eventually happened to the Royal family. Elsa and Anna were plotting against Ingrid but she was always one step ahead of our girls. She captured Anna and cast the spell of Shattered Sight on her so she would turn her against Elsa. I especially enjoyed the interaction between Ingrid and Anna, they are so opposite that the scenes just play out so well.

Back to that Spell! The spell brought out the worst in Anna and she started fight Elsa. Elizabeth Lail’s change of character was brilliant and Ingrid used her perfectly. Anna’s pain felt so real and Elsa’s determination to not hurt her sister was quite moving. The altered Anna captured Elsa in the Urn and a filled with rage Ingrid accepted her role as a Villain. Ingrid froze the entire country of Arendelle including Anna and Kristof. A final Arendelle showdown happened when Rumple came for his hat! He took the urn and would return it to Ingrid if she gave him the hat. Once more Rumple brought his foes to their knees and Elsa was about to give him the hat, but the Sorcerer’s apprentice appeared and changed the game. He provided Ingrid a portal to the our world promissing she would find her beloved 3rd sister when time comes.

The showdown at Mansion was a real bundle of emotion, action and character development. The talk between Emma and Rumple was on par with their speech in the season 3 final. Rumple knew Emma would sense if he was lying. When she asked him if he would do it, loose his magic I was surprised by his answer. He always was and is the man who seeks power and even his lovely Belle knows it.

The next stunning scene featured Elsa confronting Emma. Georgina and Jennifer have such a great chemistry and the way Elsa explained that Emma was the one who helped her accept and embrace her powers. Emma was blown away by Elsa’s faith in her and the second Elsa put her life in Emma’s hand, Emma was knew she wouldn’t hurt her friend. The moment when their hands touched and the magic overload went away was just beautiful. Later Hook joined them

Emma first reunited with Hook who become Rumple’s hench boy after Elsa stopped Emma from giving away her powers. Rumple to complete his spell needed the heart of someone who knew him before he turned into the dark one. So he took Hook’s heart without even blinking. He promised he will use Hook to complete the magic he needs and than kill.

The episode concluded with Ingrid using the ribbons to steal away Emma and Elsa’s powers and cast the Shattered Sight spell. Ingrid could use the ribbons only after both of her fellow “sisters” accepted their powers. Nice move. Ingrid was so confident that she even thought she could take on Rumple and decorate her cave with his bones. We are heading for a 14 day break and this frozen story will resume after the Thanksgiving festivities. Certainly looking forward to it.


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