Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×07


“Can we start again, please?” was one more emotional episode, giving us some great insight into Amelia and Derek’s relationship and more of the great and scary Geena Davis.

When a couple escaped a burning building Amelia was handling their well case. But when their daughter Sarah appeared, it was one of Amelia’s AA friends who flipped out by the thought of Amelia operating on her parents. Sarah yelled Amelia’s whole past out in the middle of the hospital and Amelia became the talk of the hospital, with everyone whispering behind her back.

No one besides Richard and Meredith were supportive and Derek was a completely failing as her brother. He felt useless and with the prospect of getting his job back he was torn. After some indecisive moves and putting Amelia’s job in danger, Derek finally stepped up and spoke in Amelia’s favor in front of the board.

A nice touch to the story were the flashing flashbacks to the murder of their father. It gave the episode a lot more intensity and I fairly enjoyed them. At the end Derek and Amelia talked it out! Derek confessed he only wanted to protect her since the accident and that his sister didn’t need him anymore. Derek showed some weakness and I fairly enjoyed it. Patrick Dempsey had some brilliant moments this season so far, hoping for more of this stuff.

But Amelia and Derek weren’t the only ones building their relationship, Mer and Maggie were bonding as well. After saving the married couple, Mer invited her sis to check out their dead mothers place so they crashed at Alex’s with Callie joining them.

Arizona had a hard time with Herman’s secret. She didn’t know what to do and Herman’s awful snoobish attitude wasn’t helping at all. Herman decided to take a day off and left a stressed out Arizona to deal with her issues. A pregnant patient came along with an anemic child. Arizona called for Herman but she wasn’t picking up so Arizona and Alex decided to a C-section. The saved the baby but cause of a placental disease the mother bleed out. Not even the handsome hands of dr Graham (Nicholas D’Agosto) could safe the mother.

Dr Herman finally arrived and protected Arizona. Herman was watching over Arizona the whole time via the www apps and gave Arizona faith in their work. Arizona swear to secrecy and made a date for next week (can’t wait). Arizona eventually moved in with Alex, what was a nice move but Jo wasn’t really into it.

April and Jackson had shared some nice moments that will lead into a dramatic midseason final next week, where something will go wrong with Baby.

Jo had plenty on her mind. She did a successful first solo surgery but after Stephanie brought in some insecurity, she alerted Bailey that she maybe didn’t the procedure well enough. Of course Bailey went mental on her and played Jo. 


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