How To Get Away With Murder Review: U are fired


The Briliant thing about HTGAWM is that it leaves me hanging for more. “He has a wife” was an emotional episode that set up the perfect stage for next weeks winter final, as present time will finally collide with the amazing flash forwards, we got over the course of these first 8 eps.

But this brings up another question! What will happen when the show returns? Will there be new flash forwards or is it over for this season? This week we weren’t treated with any flash forwards instead we saw Rebecca bond with Lila Stangard. The 2 quite different girls found major common ground as they were strong out on the roof of Lila’s sorority. And while Lila was confiding about her affair with Mr Darcy, Rebecca was listening and making fun of their sex-lationship! Things got serious when on one of their meetings Lila appeared crying her eyes out. Rebecca didn’t connect the dots and why the affair was such a bad thing right now but things become crystal clear to present time Rebecca when Wes told her Lila was 6 weeks pregnant when she died.

This revelation pushed Rebecca into Nate’s arms and together they mad their move against Sam. Things escalated when Wes saw Rebecca leaving Nate’s car. Wes was broken, he trusted Rebecca completely and he even went behind Annalise’s back and shared information with Rebecca. I like how their relationship is going from this point. I’m still intriuged to see what went down when Rebecca reached Annalise’s house to copy information from Sam’s cell. When Wes realized that Rebecca was still going though with his plan he took Laurel and Connor and asked them to bring him to Annalise’s house and prevent Becca from doing a stupid thing.

Speaking of Laurel and Connor, their roles in last nights episode were not so big but still had major impact on their characters. Laurel was continuing to cheat on the lovely Kan with bad boy Frank. I mean seriously big stereotype alarm going off here! I personally Laurel is much smarter than this but okay let the nerdy girl have fun. After the car hook up, Laurel sought out a more comfortable location and busted into Frank’s apartment she got to know Frank’s girlfriend. Bummer. But this brought me to another thing, did Frank killed Lila? Frank is a player and doesn’t handle rejection very well, so could he be the dark horse here?

Connor on the other side had to work out his man whore attitude and start to work. I’m str8 but Connro is a handsome guy and this week he finally realized he doesn’t have to rely on his body he is a smart guy. During the case of the week, which involved a women being accused of killing her nanny, Connor didn’t interogate the son enough and Annalise was put on the spot when it was revealed the son had an affair with the Nanny. Both Bonnie and Connor were shamed by Annalise for not doing their job. But this forced Michaela to take central stage. When Connor did his job right he found out that the nanny give the son a STD and he used a specific antibiotic.

Michaela took pre-med classes earlier and while researching found out that the Husband took the medication as well. Annalise cross exam the husband and made him confess. As Annalise’s star student Michaela thought she deserves the statue and went to at the night of the bonfire to Asher and stole the statue. Prior to that Little Miss Perfect had an encounter with her future mother in law. Sparks were flying all over the plays as Aiden’s mom almost forced Micaela to sign the pre nup. Ugly stuff but pretty well executed by Aja Naomi King. A tidbit about Michaela’s past was revealed as it seems that she is former trailer trash.

But still the most interesting story was going down between Annie, Bonnie and Sammie. Annalise was truly frustrated with the situation Sam put her in and Bonnie was her current punching bag. To redeem herself Bonnie played Sam and forced him into a confession that he knew about Lila’s pregnancy. And to keep Bonnie quite he indulged her and gave her a tasty french kiss. I was surprised as I saw a crying Bonnie confess the situation to Annalise. The only thing Annalise could do was to fire Bonnie as she wasn’t trusting her anymore. My heart broke as Bonnie was crawling on the floor begging Annalise for forgiveness.

The episode concluded with Annalise turning her back on Sam as well and agreeing to the DA’s plea to take DNA samples from all the people in Lila’s life including her professors. The tension filled up before the winter final is enormous and I can’t wait to see what really happened during the night of the bonfire.

To refresh your memory you can look at this brilliant cut together episode featuring all the flash forwards from the first  8 episodes. This was done by the incredible Jimmy Ryan at SpoilerTV follow the clip and enjoy.

HTGAWM Flash Forwards compiled by Jimmy Ryan @SpoilerTV


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