The Vampire Diaries Review: All In Once Again


I’m all in once again, is the only thing I can say after watching the latest Vampire Diaries episode. “Do you Remember the First time?” had twists and turns, developments and realizations and tidbits of what the rest of the season has in store for us.

As a devoted Steroline fan, I will start this review with the 2 of them. Caroline friend zoned Stefan and avoided any contact to him. But after Trip told Stefan Caroline was still on his people’s list he rushed over to Whitmore to see if she is alright. The game changer to their story was Tripp’s people abducting Sheriff Forbes so they could get Tripp back. Enzo was torturing Trip and it was hilarious. Enzo really makes these things look like they are the most normal things on the world and the line

My fingers were covered in blood and the touch screen wouldn’t work

is for the annals. After Steroline came for Tripp a reluctant Enzo dropped the L bomb and revealed to a clueless Stefan that Caroline has a thing for him. The look and both Stefan and Caroline’s face were priceless.

At the exchange something unexpected happened as Tripp died in Matt’s arms as he crossed the boarder. It seems like Enzo turned Tripp after talking to Caroline cause he couldn’t let him life after the things he did to him.

After they brought Sheriff Forbes to the hospital one more epic Steroline clash happened. I would quote the whole speech Caroline gave to Stefan but to simplify it she told him all the reasons why she loved him why she developed feeling for him. It was such a beautiful moment and I wanted him to kiss her and seal her lips but it wouldn’t feel right. As Caroline said she deserves better.

I can’t wait to see how Stefan will deal with all of this and I still hope for more meaningful Steroline scenes next week.

Delena was the main topic of last nights episode as Damon and Elena finally met each other. Elena didn’t felt anything and that’s fine it started a bunch of consequences along the way. After Caroline asked her to be Salvatore free, Elena agreed to take Liam to the Hospital fund-raiser. I loved Caroline calling Liam McDreamy.

The Found raiser was quite funny I enjoyed how smooth Damon was about all of this and Jo’s sassyness just made her much more likeable, but we’ll get to Jo a bit later. Damon played a bit around and compelled Liam to stay away and finally made a move for Elena. Once more he confessed how deeply he was infatuated with Elena but it just wouldn’t work.

But Damon’s confession did something to Elena and made her want to remember. So they sought out the last place she told him she loves him. At the other entrance to Mystic Falls Damon told Elena the story of how she told him she loves him in the season 5 final and a incredible night they spent before she left for college.

But not even this was enough for Elena to develop feelings for Damon so she decided to cross the border and remember her love for Delena. Damon couldn’t let her do that and took her home instead. Damon than realized something, he couldn’t mess up Elena’s life once again she finally found her ground and he couldn’t mess it up for her. So even though Elena got a small flash of memories and wanted to know what happened that night, Damon walked away.

Alaric and Jo were headlining as the shows best couple. Just a perfect match. Their banter is so enjoyable, chemistry sincere and intense just a really good couple. We also found out that Jo sealed her magic and could possibly get back into her witchy routes and that her psycho brother stabbed her and she lost her spleen. For you guys who still haven’t connected the dots Jo is Kai’s little sister the one he let survive.

Speaking of Kai this week we finally found out what happened to Bonnie and him after Damon crossed back into our world. Kai was nurturing Bonnie’s wound and intended to put the ascendant back together so they could get back. Of course Bonnie wouldn’t let him and stabbed him, blow stuff at him and eventually outsmarted him and sealed her magic into her teddy and sent him through time and sent a message she is alive.

The scenes between Bonnie and Kai were so well written and I’m glad that Kat Graham finally gets enough screen time to show off some of her acting skills.

Besides Bonnie the only neglected character that got some screen time was Tyler. He was serving champagne at the Found raiser and flirting a bit with Liv. They have good chemistry and I hope they will do something to release that tension in the air. And yeah Luke stopped by and told Liv that their coven won’t matter if she is in love when they call the back to join them.

The episode ended with Damon getting drunk and remembering that night he was telling Elena about, but the more important part is he found the teddy bear Bonnie sent from limbo. The joy on Damon’s face was indescribable and I really can’t wait to see Bamon share a scene again.


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