The Flash Review: Face to Face


After an short one week election break, The Flash returned with one more solid instalment. The fifth episode of season 1, titled “Plastique”, introduced us to the lovely Ms Sans Souci aka Plastique and opened up some lingering tension between Barry and Iris.

The main plot of the episode revolved around Plastique and I loved Kelly Frye impression of the iconic DC character. This version of Plastique was a former soldier and defused bombs all over the world. She returned from Afghanistan right in the time and got hit by the explosion wave of the accelerator. During this time she was examined by the team of General Wade Eiling. Since that Eiling was going after Plastique trying to capture her.

After Plastique bombed one of Barry’s suits, was brought into STAR labs and got involved with Team Flash. The afraid nature of Bette was playing in perfectly and Kelly did a great job. Caitlin was searching in for a way to “heal” Bette but eventually found out that her ability was carved into her cells and wasn’t able to get better.

Than dr Wells took center stage and seeded the idea of killing Eiling into Bette’s mind. Why was Eiling an obstacle in Wells plan? No clue but I’m eager to find out. Bette escaped STAR labs and called up a meeting with Eiling. During the confrontation Plastique hit Eiling to the ground but was killed by one of his bullets. Plastique’s death triggered her body to explode and Barry had to throw her body into the sea to prevent her from destroying Starling city.

The other part of the episode focusing on Barry, Iris and her desire to write about “The Streak”. Joe and Barry were alerted when Iris wasn’t backing down from writing about The Streak and was putting herself in danger. Eventually The Streak confronted Iris and it was such an intense scene. Iris was erroused by the Streak and the way Barry was playing around and altering his voice was quite enjoyable.

But than the big confession happened, Iris was investigating The Streak cause of Barry! Cause of all the people who made fun of him as a child and find the explanation about the impossible that was haunting her best friend.

Later Joe confronted Barry about his actions and feeling, and Barry was stunned that Joe knew about his feelings for Iris. But after this Barry knew what he had to do. He had to clip the idea out of Iris brain. In their best scene so far Barry and Iris clashed once more and Barry asked Iris to take a break from each other.

ICYMI Barry can’t get drunk. It was funny see him try and see Caitlin and Cisco fangirl about it. These 3 are a really good team. I enjoy watching them together. It was sweet that Caitlin tried to produce highly fueled aclohol that Barry at least for a moment gets buzzed.

The episode concluded with one more cryptic Wells scene. He and Eiling went head to head once more and threatened each other promising they will destroy each other if necessary. Than we flashed back to 5 years ago and witnessed one more fight between Wells and Eiling and Wells promising he wouldn’t hurt a Gorrila named Grodd. Gorilla Grodd is one of the bigger Flash villains and it seems Wells will have a connection to it.


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