Scorpion Review: The Perfect beat


Scorpion is still delivering with strong outings one after another. “Risky business” had great moments as the case of the week was something completely new and the episode followed-up to the story started a week ago.

The episode started with Cabe calling up the team to meet up at a murder scene. At the crime scene besides the body of the music blogger, Harold Reid, they found an algorithm as well. But no clue what for the algorithm was used for. Quickly this lead to our team to Peyton Temple a music producer. He revealed that the algorithm was used for creating the perfect song. Later the team went after Lucky the King, a music producer who was involved in cheating by creating “perfect” songs.

The team tried to bug the Lucky but was surprised when someone made a move on their life, as their Van was bombed. This lead to the reveal that Nigh Ritch Security music was behind the attack. While Cabe went out to get a warrant for Dustin McBride, the one who bombed their car, Dustin made a personal appearance at the layer and abducted Peyton.

Of course team Scorpion went rogue and almost got Toby and Walter killed. But Happy was there to safe the day as she messed with elevator and made the bad guys crumble to their knees. The case concluded with Peyton getting back to the basics at Happy’s music machine and Paige singing a small part of a song. Kudos to Katherine McPhee she has an amazing voice.

And while the perfect music case was quite intruiging the emotional relations were developing as well. Walter was having a hard time since Drew came into Ralph’s life. He bounded with that little guy and having to take back seat and open space wasn’t comfortable for him at all. To distract his mind he even entered illegal car racing. With some help from Toby, Walter made a step forward and helped Drew and Ralph bond as he had the best parts of both worlds. He understood them both.

Paige was handling Drew’s comeback better than thought. I hope some issues will rise in this 3 headed family and Paige get more involved into their and her own relationship with Ralph. Happy was developing the hots for Peyton and Toby wasn’t liking it. He wanted to take Happy out on a date but Payton upper-handed him and made a move on Happy first. It will be quite interesting to see how their story will develop from this point.

Scorpion entered a nice pace and gathered solid momentum letting the story and characters develop simultaneously without boring us at any point. So I look forward a new episode in a couple of days.


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