Quick Recap: The 100 2×04


– Season 2 episode 4 and so many things are changing. “Many Happy Returns” was one more great The 100 episode.

– A story that captured my attention most was Jaha’s story. After his ship crashed on Earth he was looming around the desert and was found by some desert people. Zorn and his family were helping Jaha out while they are on their way to the City of Light. Zorn was born with a facial defect and Jaha’s first reaction to it was terrible but eventually beautiful handled as Jaha made piece with Zorn by gifting him one chess part. A dark rider appeared and Jaha was the card that would let Zorn and his family reach the City of light. Jaha was taken hostage and his faith is still unknown as we don’t know who took him and where he’ll end up next.

– Anya and Clarke were meanwhile running through the woods hiding from the Mountain Men. The MM were following them step by step as a tracker was implanted under Anya’s skin. Eventually Clarke overpowered  Anya, took her hostage and returned to the drop ship. A intense girlfight erupted and it was really good with neither girl sparing the other. Anya was a more skilled warrior but Clarke is a survivor wouldn’t let anyone stop her. Clarke eventually reached the Arc camp and let Anya go and reunite with her people but Any was shoot by the Arc people.  And Clarke was taken hostage as no one recognized her.

– At the camp meanwhile Raven was working through her post operative recovery. She was asked by Jackson to help build a radio and contribute that way. I was surprised when she clash-flirted with Wick (Steve Talley), one of the engineers. Raven wasn’t ready to accept her inability and tried to fight against it. Wick eventually convinced her she should wear some sort of prothease.

– The most intense part of the episode was happening to Finn and Bellamy’s small rescue crew. They encountered one of the exploded Arc pieces and one of Sterling’s friend was the only survivor. Sterling against Finn’s wishes went to safe Melody and fall of the cliff. In Sterling’s name Bellamy, Finn, Wick and Monroe did the impossible to safe Melody. They even survived an Grounder attack just to realize Octavia saved them with her horn. Brother and Sister reunited and it was really sweet. The teams parted ways with Finn and Murphy going to find Clarke and Bellamy, Octavia, Monroe and Melody bringing the injured Monroe back to camp Jaha.


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