Gotham Review: Lucky he’s got you

Gotham 108P_1001

After 2 excellent episodes I was eager to see if Gotham can keep up the level and I wasn’t disappointed. “The Mask” followed up the story well and gave some great insight Gotham’s finest people.

I fairly enjoyed the Fish vs Penguin game. The writing and especially the execution for Fish Mooney is getting so much better. Jada finally found her right groove and the scenes featuring her are more and more enjoyable to watch. After they made truss Fish hurt Oswald and he wouldn’t stick with it. Oswald kidnapped Fish’s new Oswald and squeezed some information out of him. Oswald than let Maroni’s people kill him.

Fish Mooney was meanwhile still going after Falcon with Liza’s help. When Liza wanted to get out Fish slipped a sad story to the girl and persuaded the girl to stick with her mommy (Fish). I’m quite interested what Fish has in plan to do and why did she needed Liza to steal those papers.

Jim was going full frontal this week. In the aftermath of last weeks confrontation with Falcon,  rage and frustration was building up in Jim and he wasn’t handling it well. But besides Jim not handling it well Barbara was doing far worse. Once again, at least from my POV, the scenes involving Barbara and Jim were the strongest in the episode. Their chemistry is working so well and they are growing to be one of my favorite TV couples. But Barbara decided to leave at the end of the episode no clue why?

The case of the week was something quite different but let’s say typical for Gotham standards. A man behind a Mask was forcing employees to fight to dead in order to prevail in the firm. The fights were brutal and quite entertaining to watch. Their search lead them to Richard Sionis, played by The Originals alum Todd Stashwick (Father Keiran). Richard was organizing a Mortal Kombat final round for the job applicants.

At the end Sionis caught Jim and made him the prey for the final applicants and it was a hell of a fight. Jim eventually took the applicants out and had to face Richard. But not even Richard and his big sword were an obstacle for Jim and he took him out as well but backed away from the possibility of killing him.

Jim woke up from his enraged state and stepped away. This all happened cause of Harvey. His quick change of mind and jump to the good side serves the show well but happened to quick. Harvey convinced the other cops to help him and stop turning away from Jim. Their partnership is getting better and consumes the show giving it more edge as it goes. And Jim’s promise to

Bruce was meanwhile getting back to school and it wasn’t an enjoyable comeback. He clashed with one of the mean Boys and Bruce wasn’t there to play and slapped the boy over his face. Alfred was there for his boy and I must say Sean Pertwee is killing it as Alfred. I sincerely hope he gets more moments to shine, cause even with his few scenes he is one of the better parts of the show. He was teaching Bruce to do things and don’t run away from

The episode concluded with an arrested Selina Kyle seek out Jim again. With us heading towards the mid-season final I hope new information about the Wayne murder will get revealed and next week  Nicholas D’Agosto as Harvey Dent will make center stage. Can’t wait for that.


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