Arrow Review: Arsenal, Wildcat and Cupid

Arrow - 1x03 - Guilty (Roy)

After an underwhelming Felicity centric episode, Arrow returned this week with a exceptionally strong episode giving all the characters something to do. “Guilty” was introduced as a Roy centric episode but gave us so much more.

The episode started to built up on the guilt ridden Roy. It was hard for Roy to be part of Team Arrow and harbor with the dreams that were tormenting him. Eventually he confessed to Felicity about his dreams and ohh holly hell did she looked worried. Things started to fall into place as Felicity did a “virtual autopsy” on Sara before they buried her. This autopsy lead to the conclusion that someone with Roy’s height and possible mirakuru strength could’ve killed Sara.

Roy confessing it to Oliver and Laurel was such a well handled scene. The inner struggle for all the characters was so well portrayed. Laurel was giving so much into her revenge that the reveal of Roy being it was devastating to her. Cause she couldn’t take him out!!! It was Roy someone she cared about, someone Sara cared about.

While Oliver was protecting Roy, Diggle wanted to trail him down cause there can’t be 2 sets of rules. Oliver was recultant and quickly found out what was going on with Roy. After Roy defeated Isaac and asked Oliver to not abandon him, he and Oliver had a talk.

Oliver used stuff he learned back in Hong Kong to reveal Roy’s real memories. Roy wasn’t remembering the killing Sara, he remembered killing the cop back in season 2. Roy was devastated by the reveal and not even Oliver could calm him down. Their relationship has evolved so much and they are like brother at this point.

The Wildcat story of the episode was crossing lines with Roy’s story and I was impressed by how it was layered. As the episode began, bodies starting piling up all over Starling and one was found in Ted Grant’s gym. Back in the day I really liked JR Ramirez, when I say back in the day I mean the one role in Emily Owens MD I saw. But somehow some Ted Grant scenes weren’t the best ones. I wasn’t convinced by his solos but the story worked well for Laurel and the others.

Laurel was all in and she protected Ted from Oliver’s tries to arrest him. The fight between Oliver and Ted’ former layer was entertaining and the boxer-glow-arrow was a nice move. Ted confessed Oliver that back in the day he was a vigillante as well and he quite when he killed someone. Guilt was written all over Ted but Laurel wouldn’t give up on him and didn’t let Oliver take him to the police.

Ted and the Arrow were eventually set up by Isaac, one of Wildcats former sidekicks. On one of their missions Isaac killed the guy, that Ted later was accused for murdering. Ted confessed this to Laurel and she got him out of jail. But Isaac was trailing them down and kidnapped them. With assitance of Team Arrow Isaac was stopped. It was Roy’s best solo fight scene and a good conclusion to the story.

The Arrow once more asked Ted to stay away and he agreed if she wouldn’t stop by anymore. But Laurel couldn’t stay away and her speech to Ted showed how far she has gone. Sara wasn’t the only reason she was doing this, she needed to escape the rigid walls the law put her in and seek justice in a different way.

The only part of season 3 I’m really disappointed with are the Hong Kong flashbacks. I really thought they would refresh the story but honestly they are just a drag. This weeks flashbacks were a bit helpful with Tatsu teaching Oliver how to regain memories, he later used on Roy. We got another clue here and now on Maseo and Oliver’s search list is Li Kuan Hui .

MIA this week were Malcolm and Thea but that will change as next week a new love interest for Thea will stop by. It’ll be no other than Austin Butler playing a DJ named Chase.

The episode concluded with the appearance of Cupid Cutter, an Arrow obssessed bad girl that will take center stage in next weeks episode. This should be quite the interesting episode cause it should end with Team Arrow heading to Central city for the big 2 hour event.


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