AHS Freak Show Review: We miss


I was a little bumped after last week ASH episode! I once more felt the story drifting away and this week the story moved on and the story felt much more coherent as more characters got focused on. 

After Elsa dumped the twins at the Mott’s she tried to move on, but her “freaks” wouldn’t let her. They were grieving the loss of their new friends and Elsa wasn’t taking it well at all. But she quickly switched focus of the group as her birthday was approaching. All of the freaks made her gifts and she felt special.

The episode gave special focus to Paul. Paul is suffering from a disease called phocomelia, where his upper limbs doesn’t develop properly. I was really surprised as he was revealed to be Elsa’s lover and he had another girl on the standby. Not because of his malformation but more of cause Elsa’s effort to be so implacable. But it seems that her need to be worshiped was more important to her.

But all hell broke loose when Elsa found out Paul was screwing someone else, her words not mine. Paul confronted her about his theory that she has done something to the twins. This lead to a magnificent mental break down by Elsa. She woke up the whole gang and called the out on their bullshit. This lead to a challenge so her crew would proof they still trust her.

Paul tied himself to the spinning wheel and Elsa hit him with her last knife. Elsa pretended to be an accident but her smile devious smile proved me wrong. I can’t praise Jessica Lange’s performance anymore and I will surely miss her if this is her final season.

At the end Paul’s girlfriend Penny, played by Grace Gummer, appeared at the circus. They spent their last moments together as Elsa didn’t even bothered to call the ambulance. Ethel called Elsa out on her shit and even though she adored her she would kill her the minute she found out Elsa hurt the twins.

Back at the Mott’s Bette and Dandy were trying to form some sort of relationship. I won’t lie it was creepy with grumpy Dot hating every sort of romantic moment the 2 of them shared. Dandy confessed to his mother, he fall in love with Bette but I don’t see him as a man who is able to be in love with anyone. Dandy wants to own something rule over something get the attention he always wanted more off.

Dandy’s madness spiraled out much more as he found Dot’s diary and realized she was just playing him for the money. This lead to Dandy’s big realization that he was meant for killing and he couldn’t hide it anymore. Unfortunately Jimmy appeared on his doorstep while searching for the twins. Finn Wittrock does a great job as Dandy but his episodes aren’t that unique anymore as he has one every week. I hope he starts going from crazy speeches to crazy actions, it’ll suit the character better.

Finding the Twins was Jimmy’s last good deed before he intended to run off with Emma Robert’s Maggie. Even though I adored Emma last season she channels the inner struggle of Maggie much better than the ravish slut from Coven. Stanley was pressuring Maggie to take one of the Freaks and make some money. First on Stanley’s list was Jimmy or at least his hands, but Maggie cared to much to let it happen. So she proposed Ma Petite as their first catch.

Maggie was quite determined to save Jimmy and buy them some time to leave she couldn’t harm La Petite so Stanley put Jimmy back on his rather.

The storytelling was much better tonight and I really look forward to see where each characters story will end and how the heck will Elsa get out of all the messes she made.


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