The Originals Review: She will come for Us all


The way the story completely changed in “The Wheel inside the wheel” is just mind-blowing! In the best episode since the season 1 final a vital part of Esther’s past was revealed and an unexpected arrival changed completely the further path of our main protagonist. Let’s break down this brilliant hour and examine the reveals provided in last Monday’s episode.

Back in time around the year 972, a young recently married Esther asked her estranged sister Dalia to provide children of her own. But the price for those children was to huge, Dalia collected Esther and Mikael’s first-born, Freya and promised her sister she would take each first born out of every generation. Not only did the writers provide a reason why Esther went after her grand-daughter but they most likely introduced the Big Bad for the second part of the season, in either Dalia or Freya’s form.

But besides great reveals the episode featured really big and emotional scenes between Klaus and Esther, played by Sonja Sohn in the last couple of episodes. Klaus was searching for Elijah but Esther wouldn’t hand him over that easily. And after Klaus revealed to Esther that Mikael was alive and that Kol was keeping it from her, she brought out the BIG GUNS! Klaus Biological father! I was shocked when it was revealed that Ansel was Klaus father and that Esther brought him back.

Joseph Morgan’s performance was on a high level. I was flashed by how well he expressed all of the lingering feelings between Klaus and Esther. Klaus finding Ansel’s body after Mikael killed him was a nice move as well. But probably the best scene of the night was when Klaus encountered Ansel at the cementary. It was all part of Esther’s plan for Ansel and Klaus to encounter but it was really well executed.

I’m really interested to see how this new family dynamic will play out. I never thought they would introduce Klaus’s father in this way and it will be nice to see if he’ll open up to his father. Afterwards Klaus rescued Elijah and once more faced Esther.

Esther brought Ansel so Klaus would have a chance to relive his werewolf live and be the person her actions denied him to be. But Klaus couldn’t give in as Esther went after his family. Yes Esther did teach Klaus a thing or two about family.

Hayley sought out help from Gia and Marcel and arranged for them to keep Finncent occupied while she searched for help to rescue Oliver. Hayley found Jackson and Ansel in the woods diving in their pain. And while Jackson was still refusing to help Hayley, Ansel was on board to help rescue a fellow wolf from witches.

Hayley and an inspired Oliver exited Esther’s trap and sought refuge with Jackson. Oliver asked Jackson to forgive him and be the Alpha he was destined to be. After this Oliver died by the hand of the witches. Oliver was a canaving asshole and I will miss him more than you could ever imagine. I hope his sacrifice won’t be for nothing.

Cami had a mission on her own after she realized that Vincent was possessed by Finn. She decided to continue the game and use Finn’s tricks against him. I like how perceptive Cami was and how guilt ridden she was. Her sort of date with Finn was really entertaining. When the writers use Cami she is really on top of her game but she often gets neglect as she isn’t supernatural.

Cami’s devotion to Klaus and the cause helped her channel her emotions and play some smart moves against Finn. Slightly pushing his buttons and detecting small insecurities within his personality. Eventually Cami realized that Finn was interested in her and is determined to use and destroy Finn along the way.

MIA Davina, Kol and Mikael were nowhere to be found this week but that will change next Monday for sure they will go head to head against each other. The Originals are following a simple pattern, they are shocking us with every new scene, episode and revelation.


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