Once Upon A Time Review: A Queen Afterall


“The Snow Queen” was a slow slow episode and overall the weakest epiosde of season 4 so far. The episode gave us insight in the Snow Queen’s life before she got trapped in the magical urn and started the next stage in the Snow Queens Storybrooke plan.

So let’s start with the short but more enjoyable story of last nights episode. Outlaw Queen!!! Robin couldn’t let go off Regina, even though she chased him away multiple times. I love the person Regina has become and that she wanted to do the right thing. After a cute scene with Henry, where Regina tied Henry’s first tie for his job at Gold’s shop, Regina once more encountered Robin and they engaged into a passionate kiss, and I hope much more.

Robin prior to that met Will Scarlet. Will reminded Robin how important it was to go after what you believe in! And their scenes was brilliant, Will encouraged Robin to go and fight not knowing Robin would persuade Regina.

Meanwhile The Snow Queen aka Ingrid set up the new stage in her plan to conquer Emma. She put herself approachable and let Emma catch her with a magic spell provided by Belle. Prior to this Emma had shared a weird scene with Snow. At a Mommy and me class, featuring Ashley aka Cinderella and Aurora aka Sleeping Beauty, Emma powers went a bit out of control and she over heated little Neal’s bottle. This was the first time Snow backed away from Emma and it was a set up for what was coming. The Snow Queen played on that card, Emma’s family and friends are afraid of her and her powers.

Ingrid’s words were powerful and hitting Emma in the worst possible plays. Eventually Emma’s rage exploded and her powers started to escalate resulting in her hurting David and ones more get the evil eye from Snow. This drove Emma over the edge and made her run from her family.

Even though I adored Elizabeth Mitchell so far the flashback part of this episode wasn’t that good I would even said bad. I liked the metaphor and the use of the 3 ribbons but the way the story was told wasn’t just good enough. The role of the poor girl who can’t control her powers doesn’t suit Elizabeth Mitchel and her interpretation of young Ingrid wasn’t convincing.

Ingrid’s powers started develop in her early childhood, just as Elsa’s did back in the Frozen movie. Young and beautiful Ingrid struggled a lot with her growing powers and instead of growing into her role as the Queen of Arundelle, as the oldest sister of 3.

Eventually Ingrid sought out Rumplestilskin with her sisters, Greta and Helga, and Rumple gave her the blue gloves and urn. After a confrontation between Ingrid, Helga and the Duke of Weselton happened, Ingrid accidentally killed Helga and Great was forced to lock her sister in the magical urn. Later Greta asked Grand  Pabbie to erase the memory of Ingrid and Helga from the people of Arendelle.

The back story was poorly executed, as the writing and acting were not convincing at all. The episode once more ended with a intruiging scene between Ingrid and Rumple. Ingrid asked for her ribbons while promising to reveal Rumple the last ingredient to detach himself from the dark ones dagger. The exchange happened and Ingrid only asked for Storybrooke to be hers when all hell break loose. The next episode of OUAT will be a special 2 hour episode titled “Smash The Mirror”. I really hope it will be a lot better than this one cause after this episode I’m really not sure in which direction we are heading.


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