The Vampire Diaries Review: Can’t Remember to Forget U


The first thing I did after watching The VD’s latest episode, I went and re-watched some scenes of The Vampire Diaries 3×20 (“Do Not Go Gentle”) and downloaded Jamie Scott’s song Unbreakable! “The more you ignore me, the closer I get” was one more excellent episode in season 6 but I’m not really looking forward to the next week as Delena will be the center of attention again.

The episode started with Trip driving Ivy and 2 more Vampires into Mystic falls killing them right away. And Tripp is a hell of a Villain, he is careful but dares to do a lot of things others wouldn’t do. I like how driven he is and he won’t back down. After capturing Ivy he took her phone and saw Caroline was the last one she called. So he went out to Whitmore College to capture her. But instead he encountered Damon and took him. The next move was to kill Damon and Enzo by taking them into Mystic Falls.

But thanks to Matt and Sarah (Salvatore), who found the cell, Stefan, Alaric, Caroline and Elena went on a rescue mission. But Tripp wasn’t giving up and hit Stefan’s car transporting Alaric, Damon and Enzo over the boarder. Stefan succeeded in saving Damon and Enzo, but hadn’t strength and time to safe Alaric. He comes Jo in play. Jody Lyn O’Kefee delivered highly this week, after confronting Elena and Alaric about being Vamps, she decided to Alaric is worth saving and appeared at the boarder and saved Alaric’s life, with Human medicine. This is why I rewatched 3×20, cause I completely forgot how Alaric died back in the day!

Esther stabbed him in his stomach in 3×20 after he completed the ritual of becoming an Original Vamp. In the process Esther ruptured Alaric’s aorta and after he crossed the boarder his Aorta ruptured again. But Jo saved Alaric without dragging him out of Mystic Falls keeping him human. It was a brilliant move for so many reasons. Alaric was a bad Vamp and now with him being human he can’t give Elena her Damon memories again. This will lead to a bunch of Delena-tastic moments in the future but I hope the writers won’t push it to much when there is a pretty simple solution to handle Elena’s compulsion. She just has to cross the boarder at night and stay long enough till the compulsion would go away.

Upon returning Damon decided to hide from everyone the fact that Bonnie was with him in the Limbo. He told everyone she found piece. I quite enjoyed the move, Damon was deeply hurt by loosing Bonnie and he guilt was getting to him. The phone call to he made to Bonnie’s cell was heartbreaking. He felt isolated cause life didn’t stop the moment he died and all of his friends moved on and didn’t get him. But Bonnie knew how to deal with him and he missed it.

Besides pining over Bonnie’s disappearance, Damon was pining over the fact that Elena’s memories were gone. I mean I get Elena she only remembers the psychotic Damon, and I think everyone would have a tough time with wanting their memories back. At the end Vampire Diaries chose the perfect song to conclude the episode. Jamie Scott’s Unbreakable was a perfect fit for Delena and Elena meeting for the first time all over again. The look in Damon’s eyes was so on point, let’s see how the writers will deal with them onward.

Stefan meanwhile was on a mission to get back into everyone good grace. First stop on that road safe Enzo from getting killed. Of course his teammate was no other than the great and wonderful Caroline. I quite enjoyed how Caroline wasn’t giving into Stefan’s perfect smile and made their moments his personal hell. I hope Stefan will put an effort in making piece with Caroline, cause if someone deserves its her.

Jeremy was still shaken up by Bonnie’s death and with Damon’s return, Jeremy’s drinking habit returned. I wasn’t really happy with the way he cried over her phone. Steven’s performance was really underwhelming or better said I saw that to many times before.

MIA this week Tyler and Liv and Bonnie and Kai, let’s hope that changes next week.

The episode was extremely well layered and I enjoyed they weren’t pushing things down are throats and let it just happened. Now they just need to keep the Delena drama on a minimum and develop other stories as it goes.


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