Reign Review: Search and U’ll be Found


If you closely followed Reign this season, “Three Queens” surely seems like a completely different show. The 6th episode of season 2 gave us back some original Mary-Catherine moments and .

After the blow out from last week the tension between Mary and Francis was still in the air. To avoid all the awkwardness Mary forced herself to Catherine and the 2 of them went to visit Varney . As they started their journey Catherine revealed they were visiting first a nearby village. But some angry peasants blocked their way and the 2 queens had to escape the carriage.

The scenes the 2 queens shared were brilliantly executed, they were funny, sassy and just a joy to watch. Eventually they reached with a little village where Mary waited a bit so they would get some food and shelter till they would find a way back to the court. Catherine eating with her fingers was priceless, great work by Megan Follows for making it seem this natural. It was a nice touch that people didn’t knew how Mary and Francis were looking. Barely anyone knew how a royal would look back in the day.

Of course Mary and Catherine shared a meaningful scene as Catherine interrogated Mary why she’d join her on her road. Mary confessed she was looking for a Physician, who was familiar with infertility issues. Catherine shared her experience with Mary and told her she should look out for herself cause no one else would. Protect her interests.

Things got quite interesting when a fake King and Queen arrived at the tavern. The interaction between Mary, Catherine and fake Queen were so funny as Catherine represented themselves as imposters as well. Eventually rescue was on the horizon when Gifford, a royal guard appeared in the tavern.

But Gifford was a servant of England and hated Mary cause she thought she had right on the English crown. He was the one who arranged the fake Frary couple that was destroying villages all around France. With some horse help Mary and Catherine defeated Gifford and where ultimately found by Francis.

The episode concluded with one more amazing Frary scene, where the push back and forward continued but Francis promised his alliance to Mary and that he would do everything possible to keep her safe. The reintroduction of the England storyline seems quite fine here. Since Henry’s death I don’t think England was even mentioned. I hope we’ll get to meet Elizabeth I of England soon.

While all this mess was going on with Mary and Francis, Lola had some close encounters Narcisse. Craig Parker played an excellent roll once more, but Narcisse found his match in Lola. Anna Popplewell’s Lola has a unique edge that the other girls doesn’t have. Lola was seeking her dauery back but wasn’t able to get it cause of Francis claiming his son. Narcisse promised Lola her money back, but she had to bathe in front of him. Lola tricked him by paying a Maid to bath. Either way Narcisse got Lola her money back portraying himself in a much better light than he initially wanted.

I still don’t know if Narcisse really wants Lola or just a weapon to fight Francis. But I don’t think we’ll have to wait to long for answers as next week’s episode will be much Narcisse centric as he’ll blackmail Francis once more and Lola will have to decide with whom she will side.


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