Quick Recap: Scandal 4×07


Scandal Season 4 episode 7, “Baby Made A Mess”, and the show keeps getting better .

When Shoda told that this would be the season of Abby, she wasn’t kidding at all. A really calm episode started with a Senator’s sex tape being released public and a seat getting freed. Prime contender Abby’s abusive husband, Chip (played by Michael Trucco). Chip’s campaign was led by no other than Leo Bergen (Paul Adelstein).

Chip appearing at the White house, destroyed Abby. She held it together when she met him face to face but in the next moment already she was broken to her knees. But since Abby and Olivia had each others back again, Olivia went full frontal to take down Chip and promote Susan Ross as the new Senator.

After Olivia started the campaign Susan was an a good road. Chip felt threatened and tried to shut down Olivia by getting to close to Abby. But Abby had a gun to protect herself. Darby Stanchfield played a great role, really impressive loved it. But Olivia gave Abby strength and she used it. When Leo came with some dirt on Susan, Abby countered and told some details on what Chip did to her. Leo become the bigger man her and destroyed Chip’s career for Abby. That concluded with a kiss between those 2, I like Paul if he stops be a douche I could see him and Abby be happy.

With all this stuff happening Olivia had still time to deal with Jake’s case. She asked David for a favor and it was not to see Jake, she wanted to talk to Tom. She tried to break him but Tom was too good of a soldier and turned the story into a completely new direction Tom talked about Olivia’s beauty, power over Fitz, Fitz suicide attempt juts everything but the case of Jerry Junior’s death.

Olivia later confronted Fitz with the suicide attempt that let to some phone sex moments. And a face off between Olivia and Rowan, that concluded with an injured Tom. Olivia set Tom up, she paid someone to attack him making it look like it was Rowan. Tom afterwards confessed that Rowan was behind Jerry Jr’s death.

Cyrus was setting up some traps for Michael thinking Lizzie would step into the trap. But had no clue Lizzie was using Mellie as her weapon to conduct her dirty work.

Quinn confronted Cathleen’s husband about the Olivia pics from last week. He couldn’t deal with it and killed himself, making it an even bigger mystery around it.

The sweetest moment of the night happened between Huck and his son. After Huck spied a bit on him, the smart kid located Huck via his IP address and appeared at Olivia Pope and Associates.


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