Quick Recap: Grey’s Anatomy 11×06


After the last Grey’s episode, “Don’t Let’s Start” felt like a cakewalk. Calzona’s break up was really a big episode, but episode 6 of season 11 was handled right. It was a good follow up giving a lot more characters focus.

Finally we got to know Mama Kepner. Karen Kepner was a delight for every but April Kepner. April was pushing her mother really far away cause she was somehow feeling guilty for being a surgeon and not being a super-mom like she was. I liked how Karen pushed against April, and comforted while screaming at her. April was giving in and backing down from Jackson and promised to take things easier.

Derek was meanwhile working his charm. He wanted to reunite Richard with Maggie and Maggie with Meredith. Seemingly he has plenty time when isn’t playing Neuro god! I mean I doubt anyone could say no to those charming eyes and smile. I loved how invested he was in his family’s life and the way he reviled Richard and Mer for trying to back out was just hilarious.

Meredith and Derek were throwing around themselves with Time-outs and eventually did the thing they do best sex-healed their relationship in a shower. SOOOOOOO HOT! While they were sexing it up, Maggie and Richard were waiting in front the door to get it and made some steps towards reconcilation. I hope for Richard they will be fine soon.

Arizona was going through hell. Geena Davis’s Dr Herman was a really huge pain in the ass and thankfully there was Alex to have her back. Things got wild when Arizon confronted her and Dr Herman confessed she has a brain tumor. Herman asked Arizona to keep it quite so she could teach her all she knows, but Arizona wasn’t really into it ending the episode on a small cliffhanger.

Callie on the other hand was in a really good place. She was Zen, the break up was the thing she needed. The Veteran patient she was handling with Joe and Owen. The veteran was beat up when while protecting her car/home from robbers. Owen eventually convinced the Veteran to seek out help.

Joe was hit hard with this case. We learned how hard living in her car was on her. She even started doubt her relationship with Alex cause it felt to comfortable. But he convinced her that he is all IN!

Bailey had a youngISH patient with cancer. The patient had a lot of bad habits that made Bailey think about her life and her habits. Seems like Bailey will go through day and it’ll be hilarious.


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