How To Get Away With Murder Review: Dissect, Exhum and Convict

HTGAWM He Deserved to Die

Since the shows 2nd episode, titled “It’s all her Fault”, I was intrigued by Rebecca Sutter. This weeks episode “He Deserved To Die” was finally giving Rebecca and her case some focus giving insight into her sweet little life and some timeline facts around day of Sam’s murder.

The Flash-forwards were extremely interesting as they focused on the moments right after the Sam’s murder. The reactions of Michaela, Connor and Laurel were priceless, but Wes carrying a blood smired Rebecca across the room was so heroic. Such an impactful scene. Later we saw Wes cleaning her up and taking to the motel where they reunited at the end of episode 2.

This week completely focused, as earlier stated, on Rebecca’s case. And the twists and turns that happened were not only entertaining but made me wanting more from the show. Everything started with Annalise ordering a GAG order aka no one was allowed to talk to the press till the case was over. The next surprising move involved Griffin’s lawyer, played by Ally McBeal’s Greg Germann. They wanted a 2nd exhumation to proof Rebecca’s nail trails on Lila’s neck.

The DA offered Annalise help to stop the exhumation but turned her back on Annalise cause she arranged a plea deal with Griffin and his lawyer. Than a devious move was conducted by Annalise and Rebecca and that was just one of Rebecca’s mean moves of the night. Rebecca stated to the press that Griffin rapped her making the DA’s office throw away the deal earlier made.

Wes was repulsed by the move that he gave Rebecca the silent treatment which ended with them having sex. I was so happy the lingering sexual tension was getting expressed. We also learned that post coitus Wes is really open and revealed that he is from Haiti, went to comunnity college and his mother killed himself when he was 12.

And now back to Rebecca, she was playing around with the Annalise girls. After she found out that Laurel was offered a job at Kahn’s firm and Aiden throw a pre-nup into Michaela’s face she played those girls like puppet dolls. I’m really impressed by Katie Findlay’s performance. She is quite the cooky and plays Rebecca so well. She is street smart, hot and doesn’t let anyone underestimate her.

Connor was sluting it up all over Midleton! After the break up from the adorable IT nerd,Oliver, he was sleeping with who ever was hot enough for his standards. After some advice, Connor went up to Oliver’s apartment with a bucket of flowers but was shut down when an other guy opened the door.

The episode concluded with Nate offering Rebecca to catch Sam and Bonnie telling Annalise that Lila was 6 weeks pregnant. And yeah the “nail wounds” were just ant bites. Annalise shared this week she had miscarriges and the fact that Lila was pregnant brings new tension into the whole story. We are just 2 weeks away from the murder night and I can’t wait to this story resolve.


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