The Originals Review: Obsessed

Red Door

Its a fair known fact that The Vampire Diaries and The Originals best episodes feature flashbacks. So when it was announced that “Red Door” will feature the return to the time when The Originals were turned and getting to known Tatia (played by Nina Dobrev), the Original Doppelganger I was sure it would be an extraordinary episode.

The episode didn’t waste time and jumped to the first Flashback, featuring Telijah first kiss. Yes I gave them a couple name they deserved it. From the moment Danie Gillies joined the VD-verse he had terrific chemistry with Nina Dobrev, no matter whom she was playing Elena, Katharina or Tatia. So the Telijah flashback scenes were a real treat. Sonja Sohn was a great Esther as well. The way she told the stories from the past was really enjoyable. Love her deep voice.

The crucial point happened when Elijah confessed Klaus he was a hybrid and that Mikael wasn’t his father. It was a really heartbreaking scenes, Elijah was always so strong and in this scene he was once more on top of his game. But than Tatia appeared and Elijah tried to persuade Tatia that they aren’t monsters. But instead he feed on her.

Elijah brought Tatia to Esther and used her blood to bind Klaus curse but wasn’t able to heal Tatia, revealing Elijah as Tatia’s killer. Esther dig deep into Elijah’s conscience and tried to destroy Elijah into pieces. But after she mentioned he could give Hayley a child, he remembered why they are doing all of this, cause of Hope.

At the end Esther put him in a state of constant dreaming, dreaming of how Hayley would safe him and how they would be happy together, living their love.

Back at the Davina’s cabine, Klaus realized Kol was in Kaleb’s body and some sweet banter happened. I always liked how quick on his tongue Kol was. He wasn’t afraid of anyone and no matter whom he would face he would go full frontal. But the 2 of the parted ways quickly as Mikael took Cami away and Klaus went after them.

Before we dig into the tremendous story of Klaus and Mikael that happened this week, lets enjoy some Davina and Koleb moments. Davina woke up from her unconscious state and tried to break the vampire bond. But Koleb messed with her ingredients and she realized who he really was. Together they sought out Klaus and Mikael and took the power of the white oak stake and stopped Mikael. Davina made a pact with Koleb to stop Klaus.

Yes Davina was messing with fire and she was completely obsessed with Klaus and her revenge. Let’s what move she’ll make next? Will she join forces with Esther? Or will she go at it alone?

Cami spending time with Mikael was an extraordinary move. Mikael was obsessed with Klaus, with his death with his actions, with the way he turned his complete family against him and no matter how much Cami was trying to make reason he wouldn’t see it.

Mikael complelling a bunch of kid to attack Klaus and repeat his word was a nice move. The fight at the end was executed really well. Klaus had the upper hand but lots it cause of his love towards Cami, so Mikael staked him with the white oak stake. Thankfully as earlier mentioned Davina and Koleb took away the stakes power and Klaus survived. Marcel and Hayley rushed to Klaus rescue as well informing him there is no trace of Elijah.

Mikael escaped, Davina and Koleb are going rouge, Esther and Finn are destroying Elijah and all hell is breaking loose around Klaus. A solid ground for the rest of season. We have just 4 more eps in this year and a Mikaelson has to die till than, at least I think he is.


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