Scorpion Review: Psych Evaluation


Scorpion’s Halloween episode, titled “True Colors”, was an extremely well executed episode. It dig deep into our teams chemistry and made me love each of the 4 geniuses more. The episode had a different approach than all of the previous ones as we started the episode from the end of the mission.

We encounter our 4 protagonists messed up standing in front of Cabe and another high officer. Their action were over the top and they were sent to psychological evaluation. The scenes at the psychatrist were brilliant. No matter how insightful and flexible dr Cassandra Davis was she couldn’t break any member of Team Scorpion. They stuck together like they were glued to each other and I their faith in Walter’s reason was quite admirable.

Back to the case of the week, Team Scorpion was assigned to up the security meassures at a museum. At the museum Walter destroyed a precious painting as he realized it was fake. Quickly they were fired and rehired, fired for destroying the picture rehired to find the fake. To find the real deal Gabe brought in help, no one other than Hetty Lange, the head of NCIS: LA. Neat cross over.

Their search lead them to their first suspect at Galactic toys. Toby psych-broke him so he gave him the name, Jaques Labeaux. Cabe ordered the team to stay put, but they couldn’t stop themselves and hacked into Labeaux party. Hetty Gave them some clothes and Paige looked breathtaking. Even Walter had an emotional response. But we’ll get later on that.

While Paige and Walter were trying to get to Labeaux and hack his phone, Toby and Happy broke into his vine cellar to find the painting. Of course everything went wrong and they had to abrupt the mission. At their hideout they found out that Museum Director was working with Labeaux and busted him. But the car exploded and destroyed the picture.

At the end Team Scorpion passed the evaluation, returned the real picture to the Mrs Mueller and made a costume for Ralph. They are sure a sweet family.. 

This was a huge episode on Walter, we easily dig into his emotions and made small progresses towards the soul hidden behind the intelligence. I’m sure Walter had a rough life but still were he learned to fake the emotional detachment. Paige was sweet and hot and everything. She is really something and I like to see the whole team appreciate her.

The most hilarious character of the night was Sylvester. Falling off the chair while listening to Paige and Walter, dressing up in Galactic Toys stuff and enjoy in his adorknablness. I know I’m one more episode behind but that review will come later this day. Till the next reading!




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