Scorpion Review: Daddy Issues


I’m not the type of person you would call a TV snob, I watch all kind of shows, from teeny triangles to high-profile show. While looking at a show I don’t look for flows I look for the good parts. But when you review a show you often hit some roadblocks you can’t over look.

And while Scorpion is holding steady and the story progresses quite fine, I have the issue to look to far ahead and could see the show flat line cause playing it to safe. This Mondays episode, “Father’s Day”, was quite charming as Ralph’s father resurfaced and the team was involved, cause A they cared and B they were curious sons of B’s.

And while Paige was successfully dodging Drew’s calls, Ralph’s dad, the team was assigned to a new case. The were put on a case involving Prisoners who broke out of the prison and it was quite entertaining. The writers do a great job in exploiting all those awkward situations and demonstrate it in a funny and entertaining way.

As always the group went rogue without Cabe’s assistance and made some mistakes, losing the prisoners over some childish fights. But it’s always funny to see how they pull of and rescue the case of the day. This time they used the vibrating of a chips bag and connected the screams of the prisoners. Overall it was a messy story as the one prisoner they thought was innocent was guilty of plenty more charges. This pissed of the team and they were determined to get the bad guys. But once again they messed things up as Toby misread the Morse code and lead Cabe to the wrong building. Of course the story concluded with our team in the safe zone and the prisoners under arrest.

But the appearance of Ralph’s father was a lingering story throughout the instalment. The story affected all of the characters and especially Walter and Happy. They both had extreme daddy issues and I enjoyed the way the story unfolded. I admired how mature Paige was handling the story. She wanted it to be her decision and don’t allow anyone’s issue influence her decision. At the end Happy, whose father abandoned her after her mother died at child-birth, gave Paige the advice to do what is best for Ralph. Cause Ralph was still living in that circle wondering what his father did or what he did to chase him away.

I’m not familiar with any previous roles of Jadyn Wong but she is doing great stuff as Happy. The episode for her concluded with her looking her father up, even though she said Toby she would never do it. Their relationship is really interesting to watch, while Toby makes all those remarks how hot Happy is while she is playing it cool. I hope it will go further than just lingering feelings.

In this episode a story was explored, that I was looking forward to since the pilot. We finally had some flashbacks to the time Cabe exploit him Walter. Cabe made Walter fall for him, he was Walter’s hero and Walter’s world fall apart when Cabe betrayed him. Young Walter did a great job by portraying that confidence between them and even better when his confidence was broken. Walter projected his childhood damage on Paige situation with Ralph’s dad. He was still feeling the pain of being betrayed and didn’t wanted Ralph to go through the same.

At the end Paige introduced Ralph to Drew and Walter watched over the meet and Cabe watched over Walter. It was a sweet moment that made me appreciate both Walter and Cabe more. I was hoping Drew would be a bit more damaged but Paige and Ralph are great parts of the show so I’ll enjoy this situation as it is, for now at least..



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