Reign Review: What Do U Believe In?


Reign found a great flow, the storytelling, the characters and progress overall are just stellar. This weeks episode once more was a great instalment as the tension between Catholics and Protestants were creating turmoil all over France.

Catholics were steering up fights and killed Conde’s new nephew in the process. Sean Teale’s performance as Lui Conde is extraordinary. He is insightful, strong and doesn’t fear anything. After he explained Mary that the 3 dark riders marked him as a move to demonize him when he would stand in their way. He and Mary teamed up once again behind Francis back to investigate the murder of his nephew and revealed that Narcisse set up a fake story to justify the killing of the Protestants.

Things got messy really messy as it was revealed that Narcisse set up the Nanny to act she was possessed and get a confession from Francis. After Francis confessed Narcisse played him like a sheep. Narcisse blackmailed Francis into realising Emile’s murder or he would reveal he murdered his father and take down Francis and Mary together. Narcisse wanted back the power he had while Henry was King and the only way to get it was to have dirt on Francis. I loved how everything fall in place with this story. Great work by both Craig Parker and Toby Regbo. Their scenes together get more and more intense and meaningful.

Mary didn’t understand Francis decision and confronted him. Asking him for the truth, Mary jumped to conclusions that Francis moves were connected to her losing their child last week. Francis jumped on the train so he would protect Mary from the real truth.

The tale of the Protestants got involved into Greer’s life as well. Leith found out Castleroy was a Protestant and gave Greer a hint about Castleroy keeping a secret. Greer afterwards confronted Castleroy and found out he was a Protestant. Castleroy said that after his daughter’s death he found comfort in the Protestant services and if Greer forced him to choose he would probably choose his new-found faith.  Their wedding was on a line but Greer still decided to stand by the man who would do everything for her. They married and broke Leith’s heart in the process. Castleroy suddenly got some edge and I was very happy with their story and how it progressed. Let’s see what the future holds up for the 2 of them.

The episode featured some really funny scenes with Kenna and Lola. After Kenna found a sex journal, detailing a bunch of sexapades all over the court. Kenna and Lola were searching for a lover with a butterfly birthmark on his right forearm, so he could please Lola. From the begging it was clear that it would be no other than Narcisse. He even showed interest for Lola and invited them to spent time together.

“Blood for Blood” set up so many stories that my head is still twirling around. Reign raised its stakes and is going full frontal with all their stories.


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