Quick Recap: The 100 2×03


“Reapercussions” was The 100 3rd episode and it was on par if not even better than the previous 2. We followed several stories and it was really entertaining.

Upon finding Anya, Clarke took her and started a plan rescue the 2 of the out Mount Weather. The scenes in the MW underground were scary, weird and done quiet well. Clarke and Anya quickly went different ways and after the reapers attacked Clarke she was once more taken by the MW people. Anya saved her and they jumped into the waterfall to their rescue. But Anya wasn’t really into the piece business she took Clarke hostage on their way to her own camp.

After seeing that Clarke is missing, Monty and Jasper stepped up and tried to find answers. They asked Maya for help, but she lied to them face on telling them that Clarke is in the psych-ward.

This week I hated Kane more than ever. Him punishing Paige was completely over the edge. Was it justified to keep control over the camp, probably, where there better way to do it, of course. The 10 lashes were humiliating, but Paige was holding it up like a “man”. Kane has luck that Paige isn’t a vengeful person. At the end he realized his mistakes and decided to go on a rescue mission to find the kids, leaving Abby in charge of the Camp.

The crew around Finn and Bellamy was still searching for their lost people. After taking one grounder, who had Clarke’s watch around his neck, Finn went completely mental on him. The grounder afraid for his life gave them fake information. At the end a fight over the grounders life started leaving Finn with no other choice than killing the grounder.

Octavia was on her way to become a Grounder Warrior Princes and after some time joined Indra and her people in her search for Lincoln. They overpowered some Grounders but didn’t found Lincoln between them.

At the end it was revealed that Lincoln was taken by the MW people.



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