Quick Recap: Scandal 4×05


Scandal is going really strong this season and the twists and turns introduced in “An Innocent Man” was no excuse..

The episode starts with Olivia having nightmares about Jake and her fathers involvment in it. After a terrible night spent with a broken Olivia, Abby decides to step up her game and ask Fitz for Jake’s whereabouts. He wasn’t really cooperative until she mentioned Olivia’s nightmares. This lead to another “big” encounter between Olivia and Fitz, where she asked him to see Jake. Fitz eventually gave in and let Olivia see Jake.

The encounter was not like I thought it would be. Jake was aware that Olivia was already “brainwashed” and that he can’t convince her that her father was the killer and not him. He gave her some information about an offshore bank account and the whereabouts of his mother.

Later Fitz wanted to overhand Jake to Rowan, but after David told Olivia what Fitz was planning to do she pulled the Olitz is a possibility card and saved her boyfriends life. This lead to a small confrontation between Olivia and Rowan. The scene ended with a great line by Olivia:

You may be Command, but I’ve got weapons at my disposal, weapons you can’t possibly possess

The case of the week revolved around an attentat on former President Moss and the man convicted for it, played by Private Practice alumni Brian Benben. After ex President Moss died from a natural cause, Brian’s character asked for his case to be revisited as the bullet was never extracted from President Moss head. Olivia, Huck and Quinn put up their A game and started a campaign so that the case would be revisied. It was funny how everything played out for Olivia and how quickly they’ve got the bullet. Eventually it was revealed that the bullet came from the gun and that Brian’s character just played Olivia, cause who remembers failed Attentators.

Mellie was back on track as well! After the events of last weeks episode and the clash with Fitz she jumped into the First Lady roll like never before. The time spent with former First Lady Rachel Moss helped Mellie realize that she has a lot of power but has to step up if she wants to make a difference.

Portia de Rossi’s character Elizabeth Bear was still playing games all around the White House and with the help of Mathew De Negredo’s Michael she made a move against Fitz. The good thing is with Abby’s assistance Cyrus realized that Michael was playing him.

Huck and Quinn had issues on their own. Huck was spending most of the time playing and online war game, just to be revealed that he was playing it with his son.

Quinn was obsessed with the key she found in the dead girls stomach and after a long search party she finally found the locker. But was surprised that the locker contained around 100 Olivia pics.

With this new mystery rising over Olivia and her remaining Gladiator things will be quite interesting as we are just 3 eps away from the mid-season final..


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