Gotham Review: Gotham’s Most Wanted


This is what I wanted Gotham to Be!!!! “Penguin’s Umbrella” was action packed, extremely well executed and left me begging for more. So lets dig into this really entertaining hour of Television.

Right away the episode started with a heartbreaking scene. Jim had to sent away Barbara after the Penguin revealed himself to be alive. Barbara was right on the hit list, cause everyone knew she was his weak spot. I like how Jim rescued Barbara and took her on a train out of town. Smart move.

Jim was done playing by the rules of the mob and he was determent to put an end to all of this. The intensity of the episode was overwhelming, I cringed with every scene and couldn’t wait for the next one to happen. After Jim refused to follow to Falcon sent a new collector. Victor Zsazs was the next one to go after Jim. And they would’ve get him if there wasn’t Allen and Montoya. They took an injured Jim and took him to the University clinic to get treated by Dr Leslie Thompkins (Mekia Cox).

Later Jim escaped to the Wayne mansion with Montoya and Allen and explained Bruce he’ll do whatever he can but that if something happens to him Montoya and Allen would take over.

War over Penguin was brewing on the streets of Gotham. After Maroni refused to give Penguin back to Fish, things quickly escalated. First Falcon took some guns from Maroni, than Oswald countered with robbing one of Falcon’s warehouses. In the process Oswald took out Maroni’s right hand, Frankie, and Nikolai. A new negotiation between Falcon and Maroni happened and they agreed to bury the hatchet.

In the move of the night Jim and Harvey joined forces to take down Falcon. They made a great play and took the mayor and almost had Falcon but he held Barbara hostage. And while it was ridicilous to let the 3 of them live, the revelation of that move followed quickly.

The Penguin was all along working with Falcon, they met in the Pilot and Penguin swear his alliance to Falcon promising he’ll get into Maroni family and take him down for Penguin. The Penguin also spilled the beans about Fish and Nikolai. And it was no other than Oswald that asked for Jim’s life to be spared.

An mind blowing hour ended and I want can’t wait for a new episode of Gotham to happen and see what is next in card for Jim and the rest of the Gotham gang.


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