Arrow Review: Hacker or Hero


Wait whut??? Arrow pulled a major non Felicity move last night on its first Felicity Smoak centric episode. But first let’s first dissect the episode and then tell what cliffhanger the producers introduced.

Dark hair, a sassy attitude and a hunky boyfriend yes that was Felicity Smoak just up to 5 years ago. But still she was the same driven Felicity Smoak we know today. She, her boyfriend Cooper (played by Nolan Funk) and his roommate Myron created a super cyber virus, that lend Cooper a seat in jail.

It was funny to see this side of Felicity, a bit rebellious, snarky. After Cooper apparently died, she decided she needs to change her life and the first step turning blond. Smart one!

Back in present time Starling city, Donna Smoak appeared on our door step. I never watched Charlotte Ross before but the role of the naive, a bit dump, superficial Donna Smoak suited her perfectly. Donna was a surprising fit to the rigid world of Starling city. With all those seriousness it was delightful to see such a light character in trashy clothes enter the world of Starling city.

Thing got messy when the virus Felicity made in college took down Starling in a heartbeat. Felicity tried the best she could to stop the virus but wasn’t successful. She needed to find to source and the first one to think was behind it was Myron, Cooper’s roommate, as Copper was supposedly dead. Of course it wasn’t Myron, who was behind the attack it was Cooper. He faked his death and worked for the NSA, but was tired out of his life. The fact that Felicity become a corpore slave made him furious so he went after her.

But before we got to this Donna and a desperate Felicity had a major blow out. Donna pushed Felicity a lot and the under pressure Felicity couldn’t filter her emotions and smacked all over Donna. It was such an emotional scene and I loved how deep their issues were. Felicity thought she wasn’t anything her mother wanted her to be, while Donna was terrified that Felicity only was alike her Father.

After Oliver told Felicity to clear the air with Donna she sought out her mother the two Smoaks made piece and came to a weird conclusion. Someone payed Donna the trip to Starling and kidnapped Felicity and Donna. It was Cooper he needed Felicity so she would abduct some trucks full with money for him. Thanks to a gift Ray earlier gave Donna, Felicity contacted Team Arrow and they came to rescue her.

At the end Felicity and Donna confided to each other and embraced each others difference.

Meanwhile Oliver and Thea had family issues on their own. Thea was using Malcolm’s money and Oliver couldn’t stand it. Eventually bought of them made some effort and moved in together, with a jealousISH Malcolm watching their every step. The good thing their issues helped Oliver be insightful and give Felicity the right advice. Yes there was some lingering Olicity in the air and I hope we jump on that train soon again.

During the crisis in Starling Laurel was promoted to acting District Attorney and made some messy moves during it. She was distraught cause of her training with Ted Grant. Afterwards she confessed to Ted that she trains cause of her sister’s death. This lead to Ted realizing that they’re doing the wrong kind of training and seems like they will go into a more physical area now.

The episode ended with a surprising reveal. Cause instead of a Felicity tidbit we saw Roy wake up from a nightmare where he was killing Sara. The scene looked just like the one where she actually died, she even said the same thing. So did Roy kill Sara? Why ? And if this is a decoy why writers why? Next weeks episode will dig deep into the issue and hopefully resolve into Roy’s favor.


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